We at Speedyminds.com are always keen to work with new advertisers and promotion companies to help you bring your product to our audience.

We offer majorly two types of advertising:

  1. Text Advertising: This is also known as sponsored post. If you have  a  product you think our readers might be interested in based on what we majorly blog about, advertising offers are welcome. With a sponsored post, you get the following benefits:

We send your advert (advertorial) to over thousands of our email subscribers via email

The Advertorial will be on our Featured List (Front Page) for 1 day (24 hours)

The Advert / Advertorial will be posted on our Facebook Likes wall, Instagram and Twitter page.

The Advert/Advertorial will remain in our website as long as speedyminds.com exists and we will be bringing everlasting traffic to your program through our website and Search Engines, like: Google, Bing, etc.

  1. Banner Advertising: We also have 300 x 250 advertising spaces.

Do you want to make Advert Enquiry, Request for our Rate Card or Ask Questions regarding Ads on Speedyminds? Send us a Mail –  [email protected] or fill the form below.