AdSense Address Verification With AdSense Pin Or Alternate Methods

Today, I want to guide you on how to verify Google AdSense account with or without PIN. AdSense Address verification has become a major problem specially to bloggers/publisher here in Nigeria.


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Few days back we talk about How to do Google AdSense identity verification which is one of Google AdSense verification process that makes publisher life a living hell.


AdSense users from many countries are facing address verification situation due to mailing issues.

If you are unsure of what I’m talking about, here it goes: AdSense sends you a Pin once you have earned your first $10 in your AdSense account. This AdSense pin is unique for every AdSense account & they send it via courier to the Address that you have mentioned while creating an AdSense account. Usually, AdSense sends your PIN by standard mail after few days of reaching the verification threshold.

How important is Google address verification?

As important as eating food…oh Just kidding

Before sending money, Google sends a 6 Digit PIN code on your Address to verify your Address, this is done to protect you and safeguard they policies so the importance of address verification can’t be over emphasis.

Most bloggers has quit blogging due to this same issue but that won’t be your fate.

Important things to know about Google address verification

You’ll have four months from the date your first PIN is generated to enter it in your account. If you haven’t entered it after four months, AdSense will stop showing ads on your pages.

  • You have to wait for a week after your account balance reached verification threshold for a PIN to be generated and mailed to you.
  • PINs often take up to 4 weeks to reach you by mail, though it may take longer depending on your location.
  • If you’ve not received your PIN after four weeks (1 month), you’ll need to request a new one.
  • Entering wrong pin three times will result to account suspension and you lose all your earnings.

How To Verify Google AdSense Address without PIN

Google has provided an alternate option to verify Google AdSense account without PIN code. For this, you need to submit a proof of identity document that has your Payee Name and valid address that you have mentioned in Google AdSense account. 

This option has put a smile on most folks face even me, I did address verification without pin.

Below is a step by step process;

Step 1:

After you have tried your three attempts and did not receive PIN, you can use this option.

If you previously got identity verification approved using any of documents below ;

  • National ID Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar Card (For Indian publishers)
  • Bank Statement

Then go and get that same identity document ready for use, Ensure that the address on the document match the address you provided in your AdSense account.

Here is my national identity card below

National ID CARD
National identity card

Step 2:

Login to your Google AdSense Account with your login credentials.

You must be seeing a notification top bar (red bar) if you have not verified your account. Click on the Notification Option in Google AdSense account.

click on “This Form “ link.

This form Link
Form for AdSense address verification

Step 3:

After clicking the above link, Google will notify you to fill a form with Publisher Id, mail ID, and upload Photo ID as Address proof.

In case you do not remember your Publisher Id, click on ‘Gear’ icon. Go to Settings –> Account Information. Here you will find your Publisher Id. It will be of ‘pub-****************’

Step 4:

In a few minutes, you will receive a mail synonymous to the image below that you’ve fulfilled the address verification requirement for AdSense.

Adsense Address verification successful email massage

Step 5:

After address verification, Google demands that you provide a payment option so that you can receive your earnings.

For this process read: Google AdSense Payment in Nigeria.

Do share this guide with newbie bloggers & AdSense users to let them know about the whole process.

Hope that you have understood the procedure of how to verify Google AdSense account. If you have any queries or feedback, you can leave your comments below








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