Affiliate Marketing OR AdSense: Which is More Profitable?

Affiliate Marketing or AdSense

Affiliate or AdSense: Which Makes More Money?

Your Google AdSense Complete Guide: Start Making Money Today.

This article will educate you about their main differences, benefits and also the disadvantages of the two monetization programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the actual process of earning a specific commission by promoting products from other people or other companies.

You find a product you like, begin to promote that product, and earn a slice of the revenue for each sale you happen to make.

Super! easy yeah? Gain more knowledge into affiliate marketing using the link below.

RECOMMENDED: What is Affiliate Marketing (and How to Get Started).

What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program launched by Google in 2013.

Getting started with AdSense is also easy all you have to do is apply for AdSense fill the form and you good to go!

In this program, revenues can be generated using two pricing models:

  • Pay per Click (PPC)
  • Pay per Impression (PPI)

The cost per click (CPC) is the amount you earn each time a user clicks the ad.

What about the Cost per Impression (CPI)? That’s the amount advertisers pay each time an ad is displayed.

One of the biggest advantages of using AdSense is that it provides a wide variety of ad formats for you to choose, from content ads, to search, video or link units, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

After having an intro to AdSense and affiliate marketing, Now the big question, which is better?

first things first lets look at there advantages and disadvantage.

Google AdSense: ADVANTAGES

  • You can use AdSense if the topic of your web page has no related affiliate products you can sell.
  • It is passive income. You do not have to interact with customers or to create emailing lists. Just set up the ads and there is no real need to keep it updated with fresh content. You can go on to create other pages for AdSense.
  • It is very easy to create multiple web pages with AdSense: lots of pages generating small amounts can quickly add up.
  • If you do update or change your content, the ads will change to reflect the new content after Google bot’s next visit.
  • AdSense is easy to install – simply add some JavaScript where you want the ad to be displayed.


  • You earn very little per page unless you promote it online.
  • Your income depends on search engines finding your pages.
  • Google can change policies any time, and your income could suddenly disappear.
  • It is very easy to fall foul of Google’s Terms of Service ↱ and have your AdSense account suspended. This means terminated, because the huge majority are terminated for life. Competitors can bomb your pages with clicks which Google will regard as suspicious clicking activity – this results in termination of your account. Almost nobody gets their account reinstated.
  • AdSense income is not suitable as a long-term business solution. You should focus on building a business that has the opportunity for genuine growth, no dependant only on Google for its existence.

Affiliate Marketing: ADVANTAGES

  • You can create a niche website or blog, and focus on selling products related to a niche or theme you know a lot about.
  • Affiliate marketing can be a longer term business model that can offer a regular stream of income for many years.
  • When you build your list you have a business asset that will pay dividends for many years as it grows.
  • Income per sell is significantly higher than the income per AdSense click.
  • You know exactly how much you make per sell – unlike AdSense when your ads can change from $10/click to 10c/click overnight at Google’s whim. Income planning is easier.
  • You can set up pre sales pages to persuade visitors to purchase your products.
  • You can pay for clicks if you wish, or use cheaper PPC programs to advertise rather than Google AdWords.

Affiliate Marketing: DISADVANTAGE

  • It is time-consuming. You must spend time writing promotional material, generating emailing lists and seeking out new products to sell.
  • Some affiliate programs apply strict eligibility rules, such as a minimum traffic requirement or for your website to pass scrutiny for relevance to the product being marketed.

Affiliate Marketing or AdSense: Which is More Profitable?

This is a tricky question, It all depends on the amount of work you are prepared to do.

If you want to work harder than you are doing already then affiliate marketing will be your best bet.

But if you don’t want to stress yourself all you want to do is Create quality content and do your thing then AdSense should be fitting.

Affiliate marketing will give the better opportunity to make the most money. AdSense will make you smaller amounts of cash regularly with very little maintenance. 

Now what?

Well, both Affiliate and AdSense Programshaves worked well for me here on speedyminds in the past years so let me know your opinion. Which do you prefer…AdSense ads, affiliate banners, or both?

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