10 Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Best pay per click affiliate programs

Pay per click affiliate programs have always had a big interest in the affiliate marketing field. The problem I experienced with PPC back then and I always see beginners is finding or selecting the right affiliate programs that will generate leads. This is why I have organized this PPC affiliate program starting with generic platforms … Read more

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No money

Start affiliate marketing no money

With over 40,000,000+ search results on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No money” There is no doubt that a lot of people want to make that cool money without spending a dime. Affiliate marketing is currently the best way to generate passive income without spending a single cent. Well, This is true to a … Read more

How Do You Use Affiliate Links Correctly?

Affiliate links

Today I want to talk about affiliate links, how to manage affiliate links how to use them to boost your sales! and more. Last week we created a comprehensive guide that will walk you through what is affiliate marketing and how to get started. I probably know that you know that they are massive online information … Read more

8 HOT Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria Today

Affiliate marketing programs Nigeria

Have you been looking for the best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria? Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is one of the biggest and common methods to make the cash. Before you think of making the money you must First take this as a serious business. Things you need to be … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing (and How to Get Started)

Affiliate marketing

Last week I discussed on the Proven ways to make money online, Today we will talk about affiliate marketing. when it comes to affiliate marketing earning money (commissions) every time you promote a company’s products or services and drive a sale is just what affiliate is all about. making money even while you sleep is … Read more

Free Blogging And SEO Tutorials With Law p

Jamb,SSCE, BLOGGING Tutorial with Law p

There are so many blogging, seo legends out there and Law P is not number 1 nor number 100, but also trying to be another one. Hey! My name is Lawrence Patrick, popularly known as Law P and am working so relentlessly to be the best I can be. Am just an ordinary Engineering Student … Read more

10 Types Of Digital Marketing Channels You Should Know!

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a combination of two words, Digital & Marketing. Digital means a platform and Marketing means those activities which are performed to sell the product online. Digital marketing is an online way of promoting goods and services. There are many areas of Digital Marketing you may not have heard about or used to that is why I … Read more