9 Things To Do After JAMB Exam

After writing your JAMB and checking your JAMB result. Now, What Next? What are the things to do after JAMB Exam?


For those who might have failed Jamb, there are no many options. What you need to do now is to get a job or learn news skills and prepare for next year’s JAMB.

Also, know this! Failing JAMB is not the end of life and it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Time and chance happen to everything. You can do better next year and get your admission.


Now, for those of you who passed Jamb, congratulations. But there is still much to do. You must put structures in place so that you don’t fail to gain admission. Passing is not a guarantee that your admission is sure.

9 Things To Do After Jamb exam

1. Know Your Score And Institution Cut Off Mark:

Check your Jamb score and see whether you reached your choice of institution cut off mark. If yes, great… But if not, see number 3.

2. Know Your Course Specific Cut Off Mark:

You need to know your course specific cut off mark or departmental cut off mark.

Once you have confirmed that you have passed the general cut off mark of your course, the next step is to see if you can get in with your grade.

3. Consider Whether To Change School Or Course:

If your score is not enough for your first choice school, then consider getting a change of institution form.

4. Be Patient:

After Jamb, they’re usually this zeal to go to school. You have to wait for Post Utme forms to be out. Calm yourself so that your blood pressure is not higher than normal.


5. Learn A Skill:

Jamb releases the first batch admission status around September.

You have a lot of time to learn a skill or find a job. When I left secondary school I started blogging for fun and now it grew up to be part of me, you can join my blogging class to learn a new skill.

6. Buy Post UTME Past Questions and Start Reading:

You should purchase your POST UTME school past questions and answers, study them and get ready for your next challenge.

I can help you buy it on-line at a minimum price or you can go to a bookstore near you.

7. Stay up to date with your school’s testing form and date.:

Stay connected to to keep track of when Post UTME Form and Exam dates will be announced.

8. Wait For Your School’s Admission List:

After your admission screening exercise, the next thing is to wait for your school to release the Admission list.

This is the list of applicants who have been accepted into the institution for this particular academic session.

The admission list is usually released a month or two after the admission screening exercise.

9. Go for Your Admission Clearance/Registration:

If your name appears on your school’s admission list, you have been offered provisional admission. CONGRATULATIONS!

To confirm your admission, you will need to undergo the clearance and registration process in the school you have been offered provisional admission. After that, you are a bonafide student of that school.


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