15 Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Do And How to Fix it

Blogging is reaping more disclosure in Nigeria, Africa and the world in general; so also are blogging mistakes. The smaller your blogging mistakes, the faster your blogging progress.


Failure is wonderful. I thank failure because without mistakes I would never be the blogger I am today.

When I started blogging I made a lot of mistakes that nearly cripple my blog just because I was a beginner with No experience but hopefully this article will help you understand the common beginners blogging mistakes and how to fix it.

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15 Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make And How To Avoid it

  1. Ignoring the importance of Speed

Nobody loves a slow website, One mistake I did was focusing on designing a beautiful and colourful blog that will look so attractive to the eyes and I totally forgot about Speed.

This really affected my blog and most of my visitors complained about it but Thanks to this wonderful tool Gtmetrix ↱. I was able to correct the possible errors on my blog.

2. Forgetting About SEO

Neglecting search engine Optimisation is a big blogging mistake. It is popularly said that “The Beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes“.

So tell me, will the beauty still be seen if her eyes are close?… No!. In the same manner, if you don’t optimize your blog Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines won’t see your blog.

How can I make my blog known to search engine?

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3. Blogging On Free Blogging Platforms:

It is unprofessional to continue blogging on free blogging platforms like and It also limits you in many ways.

Get a good cheap hosting and domain name for a start. I always recommend
Domainking ↱ for new bloggers; the support they offer is very encouraging.

4. Not Making Your Site Mobile Friendly:

The internet world is advancing on daily basis and Mobile Phones are dominating.

Most persons that surf the net use mobile phones. When your site is not mobile friendly it will give visitors bad experience. Make your website design simple and mobile friendly.

Speedyminds mobile friendly test
Mobile test

5. Not Responding to Comments

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when he feels; “Am now a boss! No need for replying comment”

Do you know that Being a deadbeat comment responder influences commentors to stop commenting.

Show readers that you really care about them by responding to their comments as soon as possible. You can reply to your visitors and convert them into loyal visitors. (Just my little secret!)

6. Writing insignificant content

Content is Key” A sentence every successful blogger would make.

To stand out; Your articles should be meaningful and at the same time focus on problem-solving. Blogging is all about to impart and problem-solving. Pick a problem or challenge around and work on providing the best solution. Also, make your articles clear and readable.

7. Not using Images on your blog

When I started blogging all my concern was writing writing and writing and I paid zero intention to images not knowing its importance.

Man cannot live on bread alone and bloggers cannot live on text alone. Post images, This will Boost page views and prome Your SEO

8. Not having a mentor

You are new in the blogging atmosphere and you think you can survive all by yourself?. The absence of a mentor is the presence of tormentors. There is nowhere you want to go in life that someone else hasn’t gone. My advice to you find a mentor in your niche and always look up to that individual.

9. All your thoughts are base on money-making

People blog for three reasons;

  1. Fame
  2. Money
  3. Passion

New bloggers often focus on MONEY Which I regard as a blogging MISTAKE!!

Whichever category you fall under Don’t blog just to get money. Blog for passion. However, as time goes on, it is necessary you turn your passion into profit. Monetise your blog in any way possible. Google Adsense can add more sense to your blogging career.

10. Using Misleading Title:

Using h1-h6 heading tags for the first time was noting but a terrible experience for me.

In order to avoid blogging mistakes, your title should agree with your content. Using misleading titles may be your worst blogging mistake too.

11. Ignoring Personal Development

Once in my blogging life, I use to think that I can never fail or make blogging mistakes since I always plan and success. And that is what “Success” made me feel, that…”I will never fail”

But when I finally made a lot of blogging mistakes I felt like somebody dropped a ton of bricks on my head but I told myself “FAILURE IS THE BEDROCK OF SUCCESS” if I failed today; tomorroww I won’t and I never gave up!.

12. Not Having Social Presence:

Don’t make a blogging mistake of not utilizing the power of the social network.

Increase your social presence by creating a Twitter, Facebook and Google fan page. You can even create a youtube channel if you have video content. Explore other social platforms to promote your blog.

13. Not consistently writing:

The huge mistake blogger make is not
writing on a consistent basis.
This problem also includes not keeping a regular blogging schedule.

Let me tell you a secret; The more you blog, the more traffic you get, and the more people love your blog.

14. Thinking that every blog post will go viral

“I can’t wait to check the traffic numbers whenever I publish a new blog post.
I will sit by analytics all day to monitor how well it does”

Some Eager Bloggers

When you begin to think like that then I think its time to make corrections because not all of your blog post are going viral that’s the honest truth

We all want the fame and glory but that will take a lot of time. So sit back relax and enjoy your writing!

15. Not Growing Your Email List:

Do you know you can convert visitors to loyal customers?

Blogging is not just about getting new visitors daily. It is about keeping them.

Grow your email list of subscribers you can share your new posts with. One of the first things to do in your new blog is to place a subscription box in your sidebar (Just like the one you see on my site) as well as follow button in your comment box.

Now am convinced that you won’t make a little blogging mistakes that I ever did Feel free to share with your friends and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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