Top 10 Blogging Skills to be an Expert Blogger 2022

Blogging skills

Last week, I wrote about the Hot Productive skills you Should Learn and Do While Staying At Home. Today, I will talk about Blogging skills: It is not about writing 100 articles that makes you the expert blogger but the right Blogging skills and the quality of your content. The terms of blogging have changed and so, the skills required for blogging has also changed.

With the right blogging skills you can gain more audience, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to take any desired action, generate potential leads or maybe earn cool cash.

In my blogging career and many years of writing and learning, I have discovered that as a blogger you need some basic skills to become successful, Many bloggers don’t know that these blogging skills need to be acquired from day one while other bloggers do Know but don’t really know how to implement it.

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Blogging Skills You Need to be An Expert Blogger

1. Typing Skills: It is high time you increase your typing speed. As a blogger, writing is daily bread, tell me how will you survive without food? Just No no and no way! How can you increase your typing skills? Well the first thing I learnt as a kid was typing with my little computer, Install Mavis Beacon and improve your typing speed. This will make your life easier and help you blog like a pro.

2. Reading skills: As we know reading is a big part of blogging and an essential one, Everything on Speedyminds ranging from web designing to an expert blogging skill, I have all that knowledge through reading. Reading skills not only help you to increase your understanding of a subject but also give you more insight and viewpoints, which is very important when you are taking a role of Blogger. 

3. Social Networking skills: according research, 96% of bloggers promote their posts on social media because today almost everyone is on social media. 60% of marketers use blog posts in their social media marketing because that is one of the best channels to dissipate and distribute information. You know what an expert blogger does? An expert blogger with good social media always connects better with followers rather than feeling like a boss to his/her followers.

4. SEO and Analytics skills: search Engine optimization skills is a most for a blogger who wants to be successful, In today’s competitive world, it is important to get a good Google ranking for a blog to be successful and earning good revenue. This required SEO and also analytical understanding of how your blog is doing and what are the improvements needed. Click here to get a complete SEO Guide.

5. Photoshop skills: As a blogger, Adobe Photoshop is a powerful graphic editor. You should be able to do simple photo editing. Video editing skill is not bad as well. It will go a long way to help you.

6. Google searching skills: Before writing as a blogger you need to research. Google has made life easier. You can actually type in what you like and get a bunch of results. However, many persons still don’t know how to properly use Google search. The following google search tips might be of help:

  • On top of every search, you will see tabs like web, image, news, etc.
  • If you are looking for images, use the image tab. If you are looking for news, use the news tab, etc.
  • Use quotes Spelling doesn’t really matter.when searching for something specific to minimize irrelevant results.
  • Exclude words using hyphen
  • Use a colon to search for specific sites
  • Spelling doesn’t really matter.

7. PLANNING Skills: Every professional needs proper planning and so does a blogger. As a professional blogger your schedule needs to be properly planned. Time management will be a big task.

Decide on the number of quality blogs that you can deliver and how much time you want to dedicate to each blog. Like here on Speedyminds, I create 6 Quatity content weekly, You need a blogging calendar to be put in place for managing things.

8. Creativity Skills: HOW MANY EDUCATION BLOG, OFFER BLOGGING TUTORIALS? just few that I know, It is important for a professional blogger to offer something which others are not offering and hence have an edge.

You can be creative and innovative in ways to present the information. Engage your readers so that they would love to come back to your blog or become loyal followers. Make them recommend and share your posts to increase your reach.

9. Good Negotiation skills: If you are a good blogger and you know your worth, it is important to prove it. This will pave your path to become a professional blogger. Good negotiation skills will help you earn more money, connect with influencers, get your guest posts on high-quality sites, get better at affiliate marketing, etc.

10. Perfect Listen skills: The only quality skill you need to write an excellent article is the Listen skills, There is a big difference between listening and hearing. In listening a person listen something carefully with a great concentration of understanding. But in hearing a person just hear the topic without any concentration. 

As an upcoming blogger, you can gain more knowledge by listen, it will be pretty easy to write a great article about the topic which you listened.

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