28+ Powerful Blogging Tools You must have as a Blogger

After so much effort you put into Blogging and yet you are still frustrated due to low traffic. This is because you are not making use of the right blogging tools to top up your game.


Search no more my follow blogger, You are in the perfect place to know everything about Blogging and the Blogging tools that every blogger should have.

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What is a Blogging tool?

Blogging tools are those tools that are Design to help you grow your blog and also improve search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.

It is not blogging frequently that matters but blogging smartly. Do you know what this tools has done for me? These tools has helped me deliver quality content to readers and increase my over all blog traffic.

I have personally used at least 75% of the tools mentioned below, and the remaining 25% are suggested by bloggers whose opinions I read and I trust.

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Blogging Tools You must have as a Blogger

This list of blogging tools consists of resources for all types of bloggers whether professional, part-time or personal. I have structured them into various sections, allowing you to evaluate and choose the right tool for the right purpose.


  • Google Search console ↱: Free tool from Google which shows various data such as links to your website, duplicate content and keyword ranking.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool ↱: Similar to Google Webmaster Tool, but for Bing search engine.
  • ScreamingFrog ↱: The Desktop SEO tool which lets you check your blog from the web-spiders point of view. Available for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS.
  • SiteBulb ↱: Another great desktop based site crawling and auditing tool.
  • KWfinder ↱: This SEO tool help me to search for long tail key words with low SEO difficulties.

Visitor stats and analytics tool

  • Google Analytics ↱: The best solution for viewing advanced details about your blog traffic. Also shows live traffic status of your blog.
  • Jetpack plugin: Offers a module called “ stats”, which allows you to see traffic details from your WordPress dashboard.

Keyword research tools

  • Google Keyword Planner:  A Free and easy-to-use keyword research tool.
  • SEMRUSH: Atypical keyword tool that allows you to find keywords that a given website is ranking for. Use it to find long-tail keywords which are easy to rank for.

Blog Monetization Tools

  • Google AdSense: The best contextual advertising network. It’s easy to manage and pays on time.
  • An ad network by Yahoo and Bing. High quality ads just like AdSense.
  • Properllerads: A good alternative to Google AdSense with a lower minimum payout.

Email marketing tools for bloggers

  • ConvertKit: Best email marketing software for bloggers offering email automation, personalization and pre-built templates for sending beautiful email newsletters.
  • Aweber: Another popular tool among bloggers & internet marketers. Offers Webinars support & 30 days free trial without the credit card.
  • MailChimp: Mailchimp is the All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses, to grow your business on your terms. 

Affiliate marketplace for affiliate bloggers

  • ShareASale: Another popular affiliate marketplace with tons of affiliate programs from which to choose.
  • Commission Junction: One of the oldest & reliable affiliate marketplace to find great affiliate offers.

Social Media Tools

  • BufferApp ↱: This will never let your social media profile run out of content. Also offers a mobile app called “Daily”, which lets you add high-quality content to your social media profiles.
  • Tailwind: Perfect for Instagram and Pinterest scheduling.
  • ClickToTweet: Create a single link to tweet. You can use it within your blog post to increase your number of tweets.
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Blog reading and content discovery tools

  • Feedly: Subscribe to any blog feeds or search for your interested topic to discover new blogs to subscribe to.
  • Pocket: A “read it later” app which is also a productive app. Integrated into all the reading apps mentioned previously and lets you save articles for later reading.

Content idea generation tools

  • BuzzSumo : Enter a website or a topic to find the most shared and engaging content.
  • Quora ↱: Search for your keywords in a search box of Quora, and you will get unlimited ideas for your blog content.
  • Blog topic generator ↱: Enter your keyword and it will give you post ideas.
  • Google Trends ↱: Check the currently trending topics or find the search trend for any keyword of your choice.

Blog Speed Tools

Check your desktop & mobile site’s loading speed. It also suggests how to improve loading time. Click here

Image optimization Tools

Click here to get the best image optimization tools and improve your ranking.

Okay! These are the blogging tools I have personally use and found to be of great help! Over to you: add your favorite tools! in the comments

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