Contact Us Page Designing tips for Business Websites

When it comes to creating a professional business website, the landing pages, the site’s content and the responsive website layout ↱ do matter but what matters more is the contact us page


Yes! You heard it right. The contact us page is one of the important factors in the growth of your business website. Unfortunately, people don’t give much attention while creating a contact us page and it is always neglected to optimize properly. 

Do you want to know how you can optimize the contact us page of your business website? If yes, then read this blog till the end in which we are going to discuss the contact us page designing tips for business websites. 


Why Contact Us Page Is Important for Your Business Website? 

The goal of every business website is to generate more leads to the products and services they offer and convert those leads into sales. To help a business website achieve that, a contact us page plays an important role. 

A contact us page mainly consists of a phone number, an email address, social handles or the physical address of your business. All these details help a customer to reach the business directly in case of any doubts or complaints about the products or services offered by the website. 

Due to the contact us page, a customer can easily contact businesses to get their queries solved. On the other hand, a business can grow its sales and trust with the customer by providing a good customer support experience. 

Search engines like Google, determine the authority and credibility of your website in the SERPs with the help of the contact us page. Hence your search engine rankings might affect badly if your website lacks a contact page. 

5 Tips To Design an Effective Contact Us Page

As you have got familiar with the importance of the contact us page for your business website, now let’s take a look at the tips to design an effective contact us page for your business website in detail. 

Keep It Simple 

The main aim of a contact us page is to provide people with the information that is going to help them to reach you with their queries and complaints. Hence it is not much important to optimize the styles and layout of the contact us page. 

The key is to go with a simple and subtle layout that has enough space to embed all the necessary contact information. Choosing a fancy and tricky layout might make it hard for the visitors to fetch the contact us page leading to a loss of a potential customer. 

Hence, to avoid that it is always advised to choose a simple and subtle layout for the contact us page for your business website. 

Creative Content Pitch 

A creative content pitch is a piece of information on the contact us page of your website that helps website visitors understand why they should reach out to you and how you will help them after contacting you to solve their queries. 

The creative content pitch helps you to develop a sense of trust with your website visitors and ensures that the majority of the users are contacting the business support team without any hassle to get their queries solved. 

Multiple Calls to Action 

A call to action is a marketing tactic, that is used by businesses to make the customer perform a certain kind of action. Follow my page, check out my video, and visit the website are some of the examples of generally used call-to-action terms. 

Adding these call-to-action terms to the contact us page of your website will make more website visitors get through your contact page and reach out to you. It will also reduce decision fatigue and prevent website visitors from leaving your website. 

As the percentage of people contacting, you will increase due to multiple calls to action terms, in this way you will be able to grab more leads and increase the sales conversion rates on your business website. 

Contact Us Form 

A contact us form is an easy and great way for your website visitors to connect with you. These contact forms can help you better connect with your website visitors as they submit their contact info in the contact us forms. 

Make sure to keep the contact forms as simple and short as possible, only ask about the essential contact info such as name, phone number or email address so, the website visitors can easily fill out the contact us form instead of ignoring it. 

There are various plugins available in the market such as WP forms, contact forms 7, Jetpack forms etc. that can help you to create contact us forms easily for your business website. 

Include Maps 

The contact us page is going to contain the physical address of your business. There might be a chance that your visitors will try to contact you at your physical business address but get some issues reaching you. It can make you lose customers and their trust in your business. 

To avoid that, you can provide a map on the contact us page of your website, so the website visitors can reach the physical address of your business easily without facing any problems. It will help to boost offline sales and build a good relationship with your customer. 

To add a map on the contact page of your website, visit Google maps and search for the physical address of your business. Once the map has loaded, click on the link icon in Google maps. 

The next step is to simply copy the HTML Iframe code from Google maps and paste it into the contact forms of your website. To place your business location map on contact us page always choose and download the best Business WordPress Templates ↱ with Google maps functionality. 

Now your website visitor can easily navigate towards the physical location of your business. 


Contact us pages are essential factors for the growth of a business website because of which they are the most visited pages of the majority of business websites. Hence, don’t neglect to optimize a contact us page and give it importance just like the way you give to the landing pages of your website. 

Implement the tips we discussed in this blog to create a well-optimized contact us page that will provide you with numerous leads. So, what are you waiting for buddy? Hurry up! And create a great and impactful contact us page for your business website. 








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