Documents Needed for Admission Screening 2022

Documents Needed for Admission Screening: what are the items or documents you must take to your university, polytechnic or college in order to do fresher registration or screening/documentation?


In this post, I will focus on the list of items that are required for documentation of newly admitted. It will also give clues on where and how to get them. You will also learn about those that are compulsory or optional.

There are two types of admission screening. We have pre-admission screening (Post UTME) and Matriculation screening (departmental and faculty).


Matriculation screening will only take place after you have been given full admission to the university of your choice.

First, let’s consider the required documents for Online Post UTME (Pre Screening)

Documents To Take to Institutions for Admission Screening

Before you can proceed with Online Post UTME registration/screening, you must pay the post UTME fee. These fees differ from school to school.

After being admitted, you should be able to confirm that both on the JAMB portal and the school admission portal. Then, you are to visit your school for physical screening and documentation. 

  1. Original JAMB Result: This is the result that shows your photo. It has to be printed on your JAMB portal at a price of N1,165 (including the remita charges). A café may charge you between N1500 to N2000 with their service charge. Note that this result should be printed in colour.
  2. JAMB Admission Letter: Officially, JAMB and institutions collaborate to offer students admission. After being offered admission through your JAMB portal and it’s accepted, you should be able to print your admission letter. Payment for this costs the same as JAMB’s original result.  This too should be printed in colour.
  3. Original O’level Results: Most schools prefer original SSCE results for student’s/freshers documentation. Original O’level results should be the certificates from the exam bodies. It is usually available for collection at your school of exams (if internal exams) within the two years of your papers.
  4. Local Government of Origin Certificates: Generally, all institutions require their admitted candidates to come along with LG Identification or state of origin certificate. This is usually collected at the secretariat of your local council or a dedicated office for that.
  5. Birth Certificate: Candidates must attend the screening/documentation with their birth certificates. Just like the local government identification, the date of this paper must tally with the one on JAMB documents.
  6. Guarantor’s or Referee’s Letter: Some schools only demand this during Matriculation screening. Your school will specify if this is needed. It’s a letter from your parents or sponsor indicating that they are liable and responsible for you in case of damage and unfortunate event.
  7. All Payment Receipts: Schools require you to come along with all payment receipts. Especially the acceptance fee and medical fee receipt, where included. It will be nice if you can produce copies of the online payment receipts for your school starting from the post UTME to acceptance and school fee (if already paid).

Required Documents for Admission (Matriculation Screening)

I said earlier that there are two types of admission screening. We have pre-admission screening (Post UTME) and Matriculation screening (departmental and faculty).

In Matriculation screening (departmental and faculty screening ), the screening process is very strict if you don’t adhere to the specific admission requirements of each school or read through special considerations. You may lose your chances of admission.

You will first go through departmental screening after that, you will go via faculty screening and from there, your files will be sent to student and exam records for Matriculation Numbers and proper documentation. Without a Matriculation number, you are not a student.

You will also be passed through a thorough medical checkup including blood and urine test.

The following are the GENERAL screening documents for university admission:

  • SSCE O’level Result
  • Correct Subject Combination
  • School Leaving Certificate (Testimonial)
  • A’level Certificate: A level (Advanced level) Certificate for those who want to pass through Direct Entry. IJMB, JUBEB, CAMBRIDGE, HND, NABTEB and NCE
Is screening different from post UTME?

Yes, the Screening is very different from the Post UTME, for the Post UTME you will expect to write an Exam during the Screening NO Exam, just the submission of the required accreditations.

Is post UTME written with computer?

The OAU Post UTME exam format is a computer-based test, but not all institutions conduct post UTME So the answers are yes and no

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