Setting Up Domain, Hosting & WordPress On Domainking

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Setting Up Domain, Hosting & WordPress On Domainking

Once again, welcome to another phase of my blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial with Law P. Today, I will present you with another life-changing blogging tutorial. Stay tuned!…


Before I embark on my procedures, I will like to emphasise the fact that there are certain provisions for this promising topic. If you have not been following me, then quickly use any of the following links to access the previous lessons you missed.

Speedy learning Class 101 :

Speedy learning class 102

Great job so far, right? More incredible topics loading …

Now, you may be wondering, what does this phase bring to the table and how is it different from the other phases released so far?

This phase actually
changes the price of garri in the market oh (Lol)

At the end of this tutorial, you should be able to learn the following

  1. Top 4 hosting companies in Nigeria
  2. Registering domain name with Domainking.
  3. Paying for Domainking hosting with your MasterCard.
  4. Installing WordPress on Domainking hosting.
  5. General WordPress tutorial.
  6. WordPress Tips

These are the Six major topics we shall cover today. I will try to make today’s conversation as interesting as possible and ultimately ensure you get sufficient information to start your blog right away.

NOTE: To provide you with a variety of choices, a complete and accurate guide, as well as expose you to different reviews, I will be linking to other blogs.

Today’s class will be fun all through sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!

Top 4 hosting companies in Nigeria

In my previous level , I explained the meaning of hosting and the common hosting companies around.

Basically you have two options when it comes to web hosting in Nigeria. You can either go with a local web host or a foreign / international web hosting company

The major advantage of Nigeria based web hosting companies is that you can pay in Naira via bank deposit or with your debit/ATM card.

Nigeria based web hosting sites are also more economical for small projects and some of them offer .ng domain names.

what is the best host for a website?

After an all-encompassing test on almost all Nigeria web host, I found out that the following were base to be the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

  1. Whogohost
  2. Web4Africa
  3. DomainKing
  4. Utiware to me is one of the best local web host you can think of, when it comes to Nigeria web hosting.

What to look for in a good hosting

When it comes to choosing the best web hosting alot of factors need to be considered. Why?

Because web host determines the stability of your website, so it’s important to make the right choice.

What exactly are we looking for in a good web hosting?

  1. Speed
    We all know the importance of website speed. And speed all begins with a fast web host. A web host should respond within 200ms (according to Google), so look for a host that responds quickly in your location and around the world. Perfect choice is Domainking
  2. Uptime
    ‘Uptime’ is a measure of reliability. In other words, it’s the percentage of time your website is online. Even an uptime of 98% can mean your site is down for six days of the year(!) Look for an uptime of 99.8% or higher.
  3. Security
    There’s nothing worse than getting hacked. What would you do if you lost all your content and hard work? That’s why web host security is so important. A good host should have automatic updates and malware scanning. Some even come with a free SSL (security) certificate.
  4. Backups
    As an extra security and practical feature, many hosts now come with regular automatic backups.
  5. Customer service
    Ideally, your web host should have 24/7/365 customer service. Most hosts now have customer service options including phone, ticket systems and online chat. Note that some hosts charge extra for a premium support service.
  6. Storage and bandwidth
    ‘Storage’ refers to how much content, images and data you can store on the host’s servers. And ‘bandwidth’ is how much data can flow through from the server. This has an impact on speed and visitor numbers. Naturally, we want the highest storage and bandwidth within reason.
  7. Price
    Don’t always settle for the cheapest webhost. It can end up causing you issues with speed and reliability. It may even hold you back if your website starts to grow. At the same time, you don’t need to spend a fortune! Look for an affordable host with all the features you need.

How much does it cost to host a website in Nigeria?

Prices vary from web host to web host. if your website is new and desn’t have much traffic or data then is okay to start with a simple web hosting plan.

Typically web hosting cost N375/month on, for beginners that is perfect! Note that as your site Grows, you will need more space.

How To Choose And Register Your Domain Name With Domainking

Do you have Up to N15,000 in your account? Follow me let me bring your dream blog to reality.


FROM Speedy learning class 102: we discussed, The Quality Of A Good And Perfect Domain Name: A quick glance;

  • Your domain name should be short.
  • It should be easy to recall, e.g,
  • It is advisable you use a top level domain such as .com and .org.
  • It should be relevant to your blog niche, e.g and
  • Your domain name should be easy to write.
  • It should be unique.
  • Creating a domain that exactly matches your topic is great for SEO (Exact match domain).
  • Avoid hyphens!
  • Use the name you know that people would like.

Are you ready? let’s begin:

STEP 1: Visit ↱ to search your domain name ( Don’t worry, it will open in new tab and will not close this page).

STEP 2: Search your Domain Name that you want to register:
In the Search Here box enter your Domain Name that you want to register and also select your preferred Domain Extension or tld (like .com, .net, etc.) and then click on “Search” button.

Step 3: Check your Domain availability & Select the Validation term
Now you will be redirected to domain availability result page. It will show you if the domain name that you want to register is available or not.

If your Domain Name is available, then you will see a message like Congratulations, is available!. Select the term (that is the number of years) for which you want to register your domain & click on “Click to Continue”.

Step4: Select the free addon Services

Select the free Addon Services that you want to use with your Domain. The offer the following free add-on services:

  • DNS Management to setup A, CNAME, MX, TXT Records (FREE!): The offer free DNS services for every domain for setting up A records, CNAME, etc. This sevice is useful for blogger integration that is if you want to set your custom domain in your blogspot blog.
  • Email Forwarding & 2 Free Email Accounts (FREE!): The offer 2 free customized emails like,, with every domain name that you will register with them.

You will see this option “No hosting! Click to add”. Click on it so that you can add hosting service to your domain but If you are not using hosting service then ignore it.

Please understand that, If you IGNORE then you are only Registering your Domain. NO HOSTING!

Note: By default the will enter the Nameservers of they free DNS service. If you are using hosting service of any other provider then you can change the Nameservers to point to their hosting.

After that click on “Continue” to Final Checkout Page”

Step5: Review your Order and Details
Review your order and after that enter all your details under “Your Details” Section.

Zip Code? If you don’t know your zip code or are confused, use 970001. It will work.

If your are already they existing customer then you can select “Existing Customer” tab.

Step 6: Select your preferred payment method
Select your preferred payment method with which you want to pay and check “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”. Then click on “Complete Order” button.

Yepee!, We are done! Now give yourself a tap on your chest and say; “I did it!!”

That’s all for registering domain name and Domainking hosting opt-in.

VERIFYING YOUR DOMAIN: An email will be sent to you to verify your domain. All you need to do is follow the verification link sent to you and you will be home and dry!.

How To Install WordPress On Domainking Hosting

Now, you have domain name and have paid for hosting. You need to install a builder or blogging platform (WordPress in this case) and set up your blog so that if anyone types your domain name, a page representing your brand would open. It’s time to make your blog live!

Doing this, you should be careful so as to avoid mistakes that would make
Google hate you and your blog.

There are lots of methods to install WordPress. But now I am listing few of them which is easy for you to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Methods to install WordPress:

  1. Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous
  2. Install WordPress manually
  3. Install WordPress on Localhost/PC
  4. Install & Setup WordPress Multisite Network

Since you are a beginner I will use the easiest and quickest method above which is;

Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous

To install WordPress on your cPanel Hosting using Softaculous, you need to do the following:

1). Login into your cPanel .

Using either or

2). In your cPanel scroll down to

Softaculous App Installer” section and click on “Softaculous App Installer” icon.

3). You will now see all the apps that you can install in 1 Click using Softaculous. Click on “WordPress” icon in the Softaculous apps.

4). Click on “Install” button in the navigation bar.

5). Enter the following details under “Software Setup”:

Choose Protocol: Select “https://www.” from the drop down. This will install WordPress on “” . In case you have not installed SSL on your domain then select “http://www.” option

Note: If you are installing WordPress in your hosting account with Domainking then you can select https protocol as Free SSL is already installed on your hosting account.

Choose Domain: Select your domain on which you want to install WordPress. In case you have multiple domains on the same hosting account.

In Directory: Delete by default written
wp” directory to install wordpress on your root directory. Not deleting it will install WordPress on “”. So you must leave this field blank.

6). Enter the following details under “Site Settings” section:

  • Site Name: Enter the name of your blog/website. For example: “speedyminds” .
  • Site Description: Enter basic description of your Website. Example: “Education resource center”.
  • Enable Multisite (WPMU): Don’t check the checkbox. Leave this field as it is. Checking this option will enable WordPress Multi on your domain (Not Recommended).

7). Enter the following details under “Admin Account” section:

  • Admin Username: Set your user name for wordpress login. This will be your username for your wordpress admin panel.
  • Admin Password: Set your desired password for wordpress admin.
  • Admin Email: Enter your email that you want to use with your admin.

Note: I recommend you to use password generator to set password. Because it generate safe passwords which cannot be guessed by anyone.

8) Review the Following options:

  • Select Language: By default English is selected. So you don’t need to change the language.
  • Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): Please don’t check this. It is not recommended, so leave this as it is.
  • Advanced Options: Please do not make any changes in this section.
  • Select Theme: You can leave it for now. It is optional if not selected the default theme will be installed and you can make changes later on from your wordpress library.
  • Email Installation details: Enter your Email in this box at which you want to receive your WordPress details after installation.

9). Click on “Install” button and wait for the installation process to get complete.

WordPress has now been successfully installed on your website!!!. You will also receive a confirmation email on the email that you have entered during installation.

If you feel the process is too long or difficult, you can consult experts to help you out. If you have enough cash, then reach me using the contact form to help you out.

Generally, I feel the process is very easy and straight forward

If you are determine definitely success will be yours.

Remember that the words written here are Concepts. You must go through the Experience.


Now that you have installed wordpress on Domainking, enter the url of your blog e.g, it will open.

You will now have to enter and then log in to your dashboard. After you have logged in, there are certain wordpress tutorial you need as a beginner to be able to run a successful and SEO friendly blog.

You will have to create pages, menus, install and uninstall plugins, set-up categories, set-up seo, write your first post, enter your blog name and tagline, etc… Go through the links below one after the other for the complete guide:

I will teach you every other thing you need to know about WordPress As Time Goes On.

12 Important Points To Note While Using WordPress:

  1. Don’t install too many plugins.
  2. Don’t install two plugins that performs similar fuctions.
  3. You need to create about page that speaks of what your blog is about.
  4. Create a contact page so that people can reach you.
  5. Note differences between posts and pages.
  6. Go through your wordpress admin and play with some things.
  7. Under appearance, click on widgets to add sidebars.
  8. Always contact support when you are facing issue, e.g Domainking live chat.
  9. Display Excerpt (Post Summary) on Home and Archive Pages
  10. Goto Appearance-themes to setup your theme.
  11. Goto appearance-themes-add new to add new theme from wordpress directory… You can also upload downloaded theme from your computer
  12. Go through different settings but don’t get yourself into trouble.

You may not understand some of the points above, with time you would.

I think that’s enough for now. Ask your questions via the comment box and I will reply you ASAP.
Hope you enjoyed today’s class? Start your blog now so that you will be able to follow my future guide on how to run an SEO friendly blog.

Best Regards! from speedy teacher Law P



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