Jamb Caps FAQs & Accurate Answers 2022/23

Jamb caps frequently ask questions

In this article, I will answer the frequently asked questions about Jamb Caps admission and how to resolve commons issues you may encounter.

I may not be 100% correct in all my answers, however I am sure of most of the answers. Feel free to add your answers and contributions after the article. Check your caps admission status and get admitted!

I will start by explaining what JAMB CAPS is all about.

What is JAMB CAPS?

CAPS is an acronym for Central Admissions Processing System. This is were Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) automate all admission exercises for all candidates. With this tool , candidates can either accept or reject their admission. Candidates who reject their admission will be placed in the Jamb market place. This means the candidates details will be sent to schools that needs such candidates.

Now that you know the meaning of caps, is time to answer Frequently JAMb CAPS Questions. If you feel I didn’t answer the question to your satisfaction, please use the comment box below.



Sir pls when i logged in to my jamb profile i saw not admitted whereas the school i chose has not yet released admission list.

ANSWER: If the school you chose has not released admission list and has not sent the names of those admitted to Jamb, your admission status would show not admitted in Jamb caps. The admission process is still on, Keep checking. Click here to learn more about how School and jamb work to give you admission.

Question: 2

Please i uploaded my o-level results during jamb registration but I’ve been trying to check it on jamb caps but it’s showing me `no o-level result uploaded’ Please what should I do ?

Answer: JAMB is yet to upload the result on CAPS. You should check it back later after some weeks or even try re-uploading. Click here to get details when jamb will start uploading process.

Question: 3

Please what is JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval page?

Answers: The JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval Page is a place where JAMB notifies candidates that their First Choice Institution want to transfer them from their course of preference to another course. You can only accept/reject new course if the school wants to change you to another department.

Question: 4

How do I go to the JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval page?


  • Go to jamb.org.ng/efacility ↱.
  • Login with username and password (make sure you are using google chrome and also switch it to desktop view)
  • From left panel menu click on “Check Admission Status
  • Click on “Access my CAPS
  • From the left panel menu click on “Transfer Approval
  • If you have not been transferred to another programme, you will see “No Programme Transfer Consideration
  • If you have been transferred you will see the course and other details.
  • After Pending Candidate’s Action, you will see a button, click on it (we recommend using a desktop computer)
  • Click on “Accept
  • You should see “Record(s) successfully saved” with a green

Question: 5

I was told that I don’t need to do the change of course after transfer approval hope it will not affect my chance of admission. 


Question: 6

I tried login in to my portal but what I saw is Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I also scrolled down and saw Login to Candidate’s Account. PLEASE WHY AM I SEEING THIS?

Answer: This is an error from JAMB portal and it will be resolved very soon, check it back after some hours/days. Please be patient.


Why is the institution and course blank?

Answer: You may want to check this with another browser. If the issue persists, then it could either be from Jamb or that you course wasn’t properly registered. Just keep checking back.

Question: 8

When I tried checking my Admission Status, I saw “For Current Year Admission, Kindly Click on the ‘Access My CAPS’ button to Accept your Admission on CAPS first”. PLEASE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Answer: They are just notifying you that you can also check your admission status on jamb caps portal.

Question: 9

Please I need your help, my CAPS is saying “welcome” and I have refreshed the pages it’s still the same. Pls what can I do to it …

ANSWER: Make sure you follow the steps we stated HERE. Most times candidates try going to the JAMB CAPS portal directly without first login-in to their JAMB portal and this causes issues.

Question: 10

Please am only seeing sorry you have not be given admission yet does this means that they will still give me admission?

ANSWER: Yes you might still gain admission into your desired school.

Question: 11

My status is showing ”recommended” can I accept it?

Answer: Don’t Accept Yet, if You’ve accepted already there is No Problem

Question: 12

Good evening sir, I should have been admitted into AAU, I have a high screening result but I checked on caps, but I’m still seeing not admitted…What do you think could be the problem, sir?

Answer: oga, are you the admission officer? No no no, so hang in there and keep calm. Your admission is in progress!

Question :13

If my school didn’t send my name to JAMB portal, how can I print my admission letter?

Answer: You an get the school admission letter. But if you want to get JAMB admission letter, You will apply for jamb regularization. make sure you choose that you registered for JAMb that year. Then you will required to prove that you have been admitted in that school After which you will pay N5,000 (well, this is the price at the time of making this article).

Question: 14

Please am not able to access my jamb caps due to the loss of my password? How can I recover my password?

Answer: You can CLICK HERE ↱ to reset/change your password. This will work if you can access the email you used during registration. If you can’t access the email, click here for Step by step guide.

Question: 15

My status is showing “recommended” what does it mean

ANSWER: This Means the Institution You Picked Haven’t Given You Admission and There’s a Chance That Institution may or may not Give you admission, So If you Click Accept Or Not, Jamb Will Automatically Put You in the Market Place. That is Assign You to another University That Wants You Whether You picked them or not. So after clicking accept, keep checking the acceptance page to be notified of your fresh admission or initial choice of admission.

More Jamb caps Questions:

is jamb caps 2022/23 activated

JAMB CAPS Portal has been activated for the 2022/2023 Admission Exercise

why am i not eligible to use jamb caps

poor Internet access, entering incorrect details (wrong exam year, invalid password or email address). trying to access JAMB CAPS on the wrong website URL or JAMB running maintenance on their server. Read more: https://speedyminds.com/jamb-caps-shows-you-not-eligible-to-use-this-service/

when will jamb caps start giving admission

answer: https://speedyminds.com/when-will-jamb-start-giving-admission/

jamb caps official website


jamb caps registration

See here: https://speedyminds.com/create-jamb-caps-account/

jamb caps admission list


More Jamb caps Questions And Answers Loading…… Ask your own now. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ASK QUESTION THAT HAS BEEN ANSWERED.

I hope you find these frequent ask questions helpful. Don’t forget to share.








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