10 Smart Ways To Make Your Blog Load Faster

Is Time to make your blog load fast: Page Speed is one of the most important things in Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many ways to make your blog load faster. In this article, I will teach you the top 10 ways to optimize your blog to make it faster.


Most blogger now at days are not concern about site loading speed, If you are concern with only content publishing and forget that other factors such as “site speed” also matters, Your hard work will soon be all in vain.

Why will all my hard work be in vain? Because nobody loves a slow site!!


Here is the good news, You can implement the ten top ways to make your blog faster on your own without anyone helping.

The first thing you should be doing is to measure the speed of your website.

Run Speed test: Here are some of the best speed testing tools you can use;

  1. GTMetrix ↱
  2. ↱
  3. ↱
  4. Page Speed Insights by Google ↱
  5. Web page test ↱
  6. TTFB checker ↱ (Time to first-byte checker)

Now, take a screenshot of the results and save it or just note down somewhere.

Once you are done implementing the speed optimization test above, It is time to make your site load as fast as cheetah

How To Speed Up Your Blog: FAST LOAD 2XX

1. Don’t use too many WordPress plugins

Plugins enhance the functionality of every WordPress blog. However, they have side effects. Each plugin you install can impact your page speed.

A question comes to mind, how many WordPress plugins should I Install? There is no specific number of plugins to install. Currently here on speedyminds there are 13 plugins install and active. One thing you should understand is; Only install plugins that you need. Here is the golden rule: Don’t install more than 15 plugins so that your blog can load super fast!

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2. Optimize your images for fast loading

The only goal you should have about image on your blog for Speed Optimization is;

  • Highest quality
  • Efficient data compression
  • Smaller files

The bigger your images, the bigger the size of your blog pages and the slower your blog becomes. Resize and Compress Your Images Before Uploading. You can do this Manually or Optimize your Images using a good WordPress optimization plugins like Wp smush ↱

3. Select modern & fast WordPress themes:

If you are still using an old WordPress theme which was designed in 2015 or 2013, it’s time for you to make an upgrade. This is because most of them are not well coded, Ensure to get a very good WordPress theme. You can search for a list of fast themes on Google or any other search engines.

There are many free WordPress themes to choose and rank your site very high.

4. Start using CDN

Using CDN will reduce the number of DNS lookups significantly and you will instantly see a speed boost. 

Cloudflare ↱ has been helping lives for free. With a free Cloudflare plan, you can benefit from free SSL, Caching, Rocket Loader, Security and other CDN features. If you don’t like Cloudflare, you can use MaxCDN. 

5. Change hosting

There’s a good chance that most of your blog speed issues comes from your web host.

Hosting is very important in page speed and for every blog. Buy a good hosting plan or upgrade to a faster one if you are facing challenges with the current hosting. 

6. Use Latest PHP 7.0+

This single change alone could boost your WordPress speed by almost 1.5x. A lot of website out there are still using PHP 5.6 which is a belittled version of PHP and that is going to hurt your site Speed!

The PHP part is handled by your web-hosting company and either you can manually check your existing version of PHP on which your WordPress site is running on, or you could simply ask the customer support:

Which PHP version your WordPress website is running on?

If it is less than 7.0 (Which is 5.6), you can ask them to upgrade to the latest PHP version.

7. Use a fast DNS provider

If your domain is purchased from services like NameCheap, GoDaddy or any other, there DNS resolver is not as quick as what is offered by Domainking.

You can consider moving your domain to Domainking. I’m personally a fan of Domainking for hosting domains as they offer value for money.

8. Optimize Database

Once in a while, Install Plugins like Wp Sweep or Wp Optimize (use only one) to Optimize your WordPress Database. Be careful while optimizing so that you don’t delete unapproved comments when you have not moderated them. Database optimization involves removing revisions, transient options, trackbacks, trashed posts, trashed comments, etc.

9. Delete Plugins And Themes You Don’t Use

Don’t just uninstall the plugins you don’t need. Delete them totally. There is no need having more than 3 themes installed when you don’t need more than one at a time.

10. Limit Posts Per Page

Related posts after content is a very good idea. However, it should not be too much. Displaying more 10 related posts and each of them with excerpts and featured images can add to your page load time.

Conclusion: The tips I provided here can be applied instantly and you can gain a significant speed boost. Your goal should be to use as many of these tricks to reduce the loading time of your website.

Fast load time helps search engine and also your readers. Not only it will give a fantastic user experience but also reducing the bounce rate of your blog. 

Hope you found this speed optimization article helpful? Feel free to let me know how you feel by commenting below. Don’t fail to share this post with your blogger friends using the share buttons.

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