10 Ideas To Make Money As a Student In Nigeria (Online/Offline)

Ideas to make money as a student is what most students are lacking, many students most especially those students that just wrote JAMB examination have be asking me to tell them how they can be earning at least little amount of money as a students.


After given them some tips they keep on asking me for more details I have no option than to write it here so that other students can also read.

Who said you have to be a poor student?


Do you have to site back at home after your WAEC/NECO or JAMB examination, why not look for something and do to help your self?

when I finish my JAMB examination back then I asked my self, After JAMB exam what next? Let just go straight to the point without wasting much of your time.

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  1. Photographer
  2. Online Registration
  3. Web Development
  4. Be a Tutor
  5. Laundry Services
  6. MC/ Comedian
  7. House Cleaning and Painting
  8. Barbing
  9. Football show room
  10. Selling past question paper and study materials.
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Let me explain the above mentioned points so that you can be able to understand it more better.

Those points mentioned above if you can pick one out of it and take action your success is 100% guaranteed.

“You are the one that can create the idea, The idea is already in you”


Photographer have make many students to be rich while they are in school, we already known that students like snapping pictures in the campus, if you can start a Photography business in school it is a great idea that you can use to make cool cash while you are in school.

Online Registration:

This is one of the smartest idea that you can use to make cash in school as a student, such as helping other students that are processing their admission to register things online, doing course Registration for students, helping your fellow students to check their semesters result online etc.

Web Development:

You may have known about this before or hearing of it for the first time, learning how to develop a blog/website for people is a great ideas to make money as a students, if you are too technical this will be of great source of income for you.

Be a Tutor:

Are you good in mathematics or any other subject, why not gather your junior students and start teaching them any subject or course that you are good at, this really helped me also since am good in teaching Government as an art students I gather some secondary school students around and start teaching them will they pay me every month, you also can try the same.

Laundry Services:

Many students do not know that laundry is one of the most lucrative business that they can do while in school, you may be saying how can I be washing cloths for people, keep saying that will you die of hunger.

“Forget about shame and achieve your aim”

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Wow! Can you crack jokes? can you help people do MC in the party? Why not start mc or Comedy now as a students some MC such as MC UBA funbag, MC talkingson started when they were in school,

why not start yours now, you can be earning some little cash dury the weekend when parties, birthday use be hot in campus.

House Cleaning and Painting:

This is another technical ideas to make money as a student, you already known that students usually like to design their room to look very beautiful or helping some people that are in need of cleaners to do some clearning you can also earn cool cash through this.


Many guys do barb their hair almost every week, it is your own opportunity to organize some of your course mates and be given them a nice cuts when ever they want to cute their hair.

with this you can make a lot of money after school, this does not necessary mean that you must have your own shop before you start, you can stay in some one’s shop and be barbing will you will be paid daily or weekly.

Football Show Room:

This is another great way to make money as a student, most people do like watching football in the evening once they are back from work you can create a place were you will be showing football match everyday will people pay you for watching it.

Selling past question paper and study materials:

Yes, students do like to prepare for exams with past question paper and other study materials because it help them a lot in preparing for exams, you can gather a lot of past questions at least four to five different years or for example from 2000 till date, I no it might be difficult to get but you need to try, I also tested this back then in school and it really worked for me.

I hope this post “ideas to make money as a student” is very helpful? I will be glad to see how you feel or your reaction about this article in the comment box below.

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