Jamb Caps Market Place: Check If Other Schools Have Considered You For Admission

How To Check jamb Caps Market Place Whether Other Schools Have Considered You For Admission 2021/2022 is what this article is all about. A lot of candidates don’t bother exploring other choices Jamb caps has to offer perhaps they don’t know…just maybe


What is jamb Caps Market place anyway?

jamb Market place consideration is a system in which you can gain admission into a University or Polytechnic that you did not fill in Jamb, Jamb checks your score and shares with other schools. These schools now choose to consider you for admission.


Jamb Market Place 2021/2022

jamb market place is an online market taking place on Jamb caps portal, universities and other institutions comes to scout for candidates that meets up their cutoff points. Like I wrote earlier, you don’t necessarily need to choose these schools while registering Jamb.

Jamb caps

How To Know If You Have Been Considered for Admission In Caps MarketPlace Consideration

To check if other institutions has considered and offered you an admission is pretty simple; All you have to do is to visit the jamb caps portal.

If you visit the jamb caps Portal and truly you have been offered admission you will see a massage like the one below saying;

“The following institutions are considering you for admission, click on accept / reject button, to either accept or reject the offer. Please be informed that, accepting the offer does not mean you have been admitted, it simply implies that you have accepted to be be considered for admission by the institution“.

If you don’t like the school you’re admitted into, don’t accept. Accepting means you have agreed to be a candidate of the institution that has considered you for admission.


How To Access Jamb Caps Market Place

have you been trying to access jamb caps portal with no avail? if yes follow this my guide to do that now

  • Login to your profile by clicking ↱
  • a space will be provided where you are to enter your email and password
  • now that you have fully logged in, click on the options button ( the button with 3 dash) at the top of the page. Then click CAPS under the admission TAB.
  • note: make use of desktop view on you device or preferably make use of a laptops to do this
  • You’ll see some options listed at the left-hand side. Click on ”˜MARKETPLACE‘.
  • Yipee! That’s all… You will know if you have been considered for admission in any other institution apart from your school of choice.

now that you have successfully known the steps involved can you please share us your experiences?

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