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The molecular formula of X is
An unknown organic compound X has a relative molecular mass of 180. It is a colourless crystalline solid, readily soluble in water. X contains the element C, H, and O in the atomic ratio 1:2:1. The compound has a sweet taste and melts on heating. In the presence of yeast and in the absence of air X is converted to compound Y in the absence of air, X is converted to compound Y and colourless gas. Compound Y reacts with sodium metal to produce a gas Z which gives a €˜pop€™ sound with a glowing splint. Y also reacts with ethanoic acid to give a sweet smelling compound W.

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If an element has the electronic configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p2 , it is

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Which of these metals, Mg, Fe, Pb, andCu will dissolve in dilute HCI?

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A jet plane carrying 3,000 kg of ethane burns off all the gas-forming water and carbon dioxide. If all the carbondioxide is expelled and the water formed is condensed and kept on board the plane, then the gain in weight is

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Zn + H2SO4 = ZnCI2 + H2
The rate of the above reaction will be greatly increased if...

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Which of the following happens during the electrolysis of molten sodium chloride?

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The colour imparted to a flame by calcium ion is

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Number of molecules of water of crystallisation of the barium salt is....
2.5g of a hydrated barium salt gave on heating, 2.13g of the anhydrous salt. Given that the relative molecular mass of the anhydrous salt is 208, the number of molecules of water of crystallization of the barium salt is

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Which of the following pair of gases will NOT react further with oxygen at a temperature between 30°C and

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Which of these shows a flaw in his report?
In the preparation of some pure crystals of Cu(NO3)2 starting with CuO, a student gave the following statements as steps he employed.

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When sodium dioxonitrate (111) (HaNO2\) dissolves is

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The alkanol obtained from the production of soap is

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The mass of an atom is determined by

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Sodium decahydrate (Na2SO4.10H2O) an exposure to air loses all its water of crystallization. The
process of loss is known as

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A gas that can behave as reducing agent towards chlorine and as an oxidizing agent toward hydrogen sulphide is

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