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The Jim Ovia Foundation Leadership Scholarship (JOFLS) is just a part of the Jim Ovia Scholarships. However, instead of being funded alone by the foundation, it is offered in a partnership with the Africa-America Institute (AAI).

JOFLS is given on the basis of intellectual ability, leadership capability and also a desire to utilize their wisdom to contribute to society throughout Nigeria by providing service to their community and applying their own knowledge and talent to improve the lifestyles of the others.

Over time it’s estimated the Jim Ovia Scholarship beneficiaries will become leaders in helping to address challenges related to health, technology, and fund, all areas in which the foundation is deeply engaged.

Eligible Nationality

The scholarship is open to all African students residing in any African country.

However, only 35 applicants will be selected with twenty-Five percent of them being Nigerians.

Scholarship Benefits

Generally, the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholars will receive the following benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Scholarships: the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship will provide tuition, room, and board for undergraduate study.
  2. Career Support and Opportunities: Scholarship recipients will receive career counseling and support while still students and also after graduation.
  3. AAI Global Alumni Network: Recipients of the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship will graduate into one of the most prestigious alumni networks. AAI Alumni include prominent leaders in many sectors around Africa and the Globe and includes two sitting Presidents. Scholarship recipients will be connected to this network for potential opportunities, mentorship, and the ability to collectively continue towards developing the continent.

Who Is Eligible for the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship?

As stated earlier, these scholarships are awarded on the basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability and a desire to contribute to society at large to improve the lives of others.

However, students must also meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of an African country, residing in Africa
  • Exhibit strong academic record and penchant for high-achievement
  • Demonstrate a Financial Need
  • Present an active record of youth leadership within his/her community
  • Applicants whose first language is not English are to provide evidence of proficiency in English at a higher level by the University.

How To Apply for Jim OVIA foundation scholarship

To be considered for the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship, students must complete the application and scholarship process.

Visit official site for more details.

Application Deadline:


JIM OVIA Foundation Leaders Scholarships FAQ

What is the Jim Ovia Scholars Program

The Jim Ovia Scholars Program is a national initiative to teach and develop next-generation leaders who will contribute to social and economic progress of Nigeria. The Program permits Nigerian youths from economically disadvantaged communities to achieve a quality tertiary education, and make successful transitions to further education or to the workforce in Nigeria.

Who is a Jim Ovia Scholar?

A Jim Ovia scholar is any individual that has benefitted or was awarded a Jim Ovia Scholarship as financial support for the purpose of finishing his/her undergraduate tertiary education.

How many awards are available each year?

There are 100 new scholarships available for award each year. All eligible renewing aspirants who meet the renewal scholar’s criteria will be re-awarded a renewal scholarship.

When is the deadline to apply?

The current application portal is open until December (subject to review).