9 Killer Ways to Make Your Blog Popular

Make blog popular

I have been working on my blog for a while and every time I tweak something, I learn something new. Today, I am going to write in the sky and I just hope you see.

Previously I have posted on Blogging Mistakes that every Blogger should avoid Today, I will share Proven methods which you can use right now to make your blog popular!

Making a blog popular is every bloggers dream. It cannot be done overnight and I know it is not easy if you are new in the business but if you are hard working and are willing to learn and adapt, I can guarantee success my friend.

So without further delay, I am listing out several killer ways you can get your blog popular in the right way.

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  1. Customize Your Blog Design

oh yes!… Take a look at Speedyminds design, How cool is it? Every blog should have a unique design. People are attracted to something that is unique and interesting.

This is very important my friends and that is why I have listed it first.

if your blog has a crappy design, here is what people will say; “I am not going to visit it. Even if I visit it accidently, I might spend a few seconds before I leave” and bam!… How then will your blog become popular?

2. Invest In Yourself And Your Blog

A lot of bloggers out there Don’t what to spend a dime for they blog They prefer to waste their time and energy in merry-go-rounding on the internet searching for FREE ways to promote and manage their blog.

But here is the bitter truth;

To achieve success with your blog means to start thinking of your blog as a business.

So, if you are truly committed to becoming a successful blogger, you have to rethink your strategy and be ready to invest money into yourself and your blog.

3. Blog Frequently:

Do you Know that “Content is key”?

Fresh content is the key to your blog’s success and definitely becoming popular.

Do not just blog once a week and expect people to check in every day. Your readers are hungry for information and they expect to see something valuable and new on your blog frequently.

I know sometimes you can get busy and have days when you don’t feel like blogging, and it is completely ok. If blogging is your passion, you will manage time for a post; it comes naturally my friends.

The search engines can find out how often you blog and they love fresh content. The more often you post to your blog, the better it gets and popular it becomes.

4. Create a Facebook Page and Promote it

Facebook pages are rising in popularity. So without wasting much time Create a facebook page for your blog right now and start sharing it with other millions of facebook users.

Some good methods you can use to promote your facebook page is by adding a widget on your blog, adding a like button. Can you see one below?

The quicker you create your page and get involved with it, the better social presence you will have.

5. Get a Twitter Account and Tweet your Posts:

I am sure by now most bloggers have a twitter account. Forget bloggers, pretty much everyone has a twitter account today, and they use it to broadcast what they eat, when they sleep etc. There is no problem in doing that but to make it a little more productive, how about tweeting your blog posts to your followers instead.

People follow you because they are interested in sharing things with you. When you tweet, they are most likely willing to check it out.

When they do that your blogs popularity growns pretty fast!

6. Focus on ON-PAGE SEO

As blogger you can not underestimate the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you practice on-page SEO Technics the right way, The chances of your blog becoming popular is 99.9% true.

For details about SEO you can click here to Ensure that your blog appears number one on Search Engines like Google, Bing.

7. Give Something for Free:

I love free stuff, don’t you? A good way to gain readership and make your blog popular is to give free stuff to the public.

It can be almost anything; a wordpress theme, some popular tools or even free online class. Based on my personal experience people love free things especially when they are valuable and premium.

Let’s Wrap Up

There are many ways to take your blog to the next level but always make sure you know what you are dealing with.

Keep following the right thing, learn and adapt and, I promise that your blog will reach new heights. What other ways can you make your blog popular? Leave a comment Below.

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