Neco Certificate: Collection, Payment and general Guide — 15 Comments

  1. Please how much is the original neco certificate as of now….. Because I write my neco exam 2015….. And I need the certificate, I call the school but the school say the amount is 13000…. Please reply to my asap

  2. Please about the GCE I don’t have the ID card and the photo card anymore how do I go about that…. Also is the affidavit necessary and if so, which type of affidavit is that just in case I visit Court,thanks

  3. Hi, please my school relocated and I don’t even know where to. I did my neco in 2008. Can I get the original certificate from neco office? Thanks

    • It is an Internal NECO, you have no choice but to find that school. If it was GCE NECO, you can get that at the NECO office of any state.

  4. 1.Can I get my neco results at any office closer to me?
    2. In d requirements it was stated that sworn affidavit pls I don’t understand that
    3. I did Neco since 2009 and I don’t have the photo card again. What can I do?

    • 1. If It’s Internal NECO, you will have to get it at school. If it’s GCE NECO, you can get that at the NECO office.

      2. affidavit is a statement that is documented in writing and is usually manipulated in court proceedings so you will only need that if you intend to make corrections to your biodata.

      3. Get a new one:

  5. Good day sir…..just confused as to, can I use my original neco gce statement of result for Nysc registration, though I am using my original waec certificate in conjunction with the neco statement of result I got from neco office like 10 years ago….. Pls just for clarification would it be necessary obtaining the original neco gce certificate for the Nysc registration or I go with the neco statement of result.

    • They require the original.

      Although you can register firstly with a statement of result. Registration doesn’t require those documents. You’ll need the original result in camp.

      So find a way and get it.

      In most camps, they don’t ask about SSCE results. But in other camps they do so it is safer to have with you.

  6. Please can I get my Neco Gce original certificate at any Neco office close to me. I wrote the exam at Abuja, but currently at Akwa ibom state

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