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NECO Marking Scheme & Grading System 2022/23

A lot of students have been asking about the National Examinations Council (NECO) marking scheme and today I have decided to untie the knot and release the knowledge to you.

The National Examination Council (NECO) of Nigeria is an approved educational system that was permitted by the federal government of Nigeria in 2001, It was created in 1999.

NECO grading system is considered the easiest grading system for students, perhaps this is why neco is much much simpler compare to West Africa Examination Council (WAEC).

How the NECO Examination is Graded

Under the new neco grading system below is how neco grades your examination.

GradeScaleGrade DescriptionUS Grade
A11.00 – 1.99ExcellentA+
B22.00 – 2.99Very GoodA
B33.00 – 3.99GoodB
B44.00 – 4.99CreditB
C55.00 – 5.99CreditC
C66.00 – 6.99CreditC
D77.00 – 7.99PassD
E88.00 – 8.99PassD

In terms of number based GPA, NECO grading system looks like this

  1. 0 to 39% – failure (F9)
  2. 40 to 45% – STILL FAILURE (E8)
  3. 50 to 54% – Credit (C6)
  4. 55 to 59% – Credit (C5)
  5. 60 to 64% – Credit (C4)
  6. 65 to 69% – Good (B3)
  7. 70 to 74% – Very Good (B2)
  8. 75 to 100% – Excellent (A1)

How the NECO Examination sheet is marked (LATEST NECO Marking Scheme)

i will use mathematics as a case study;

In mathematics if you want to score A1 You need to score above 75% in neco examination which means you need to answer 75 questions out of 100 questions correctly.

If you are giving 50 questions on a subject, 75% is equivalent to around 38 questions answered correctly, mathematically this is; (38/50)×100% = 76% = A1

This is applicable in all subject so go ahead start calculating and predicting your neco score!

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3 Major Examinations under NECO Grading System

  1. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE): In Nigeria, the government offers six years of basic education. Three years for Junior Secondary Education. Though the mathematics courses may not be needed in higher education, both the mathematics and English language course are there for all the students. And then the students seats for the SSCE
  2. Junior Secondary Certificate Examination (JSCE): JSCE exams held at the final or third year of junior secondary education in federal colleges or secondary schools. Under the state government, the Junior Secondary Certificate Examination (JSCE) is held.
  3. National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE): after the 6th year of basic education, students who want to join the Federal Unity Colleges, students have to sit for an entrance examination. This is also called the National Common Entrance Examination. Students of Nigeria, have to seat for the two annual exams to have a seat at the Federal Unity Colleges.

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48 thoughts on “NECO Marking Scheme & Grading System 2022/23”

  1. Pls sir I score
    B3 in English
    B2 in maths
    C4 in commers
    C4 in economic
    C4 in geography
    C5 in c r s
    C4 in marketing
    C4 in civil
    C4 in gorvement
    In neco can I get admission &which course i am support to story

  2. English e8 maths e8 civic e8 islamic c5 government c6 economics c5 hausa c5 commerce d7 marketing c4 what can i study with this result please

  3. Please sir my brother have credit in all subjects except chemistry.can he study elect-elect at Poly level?
    Or which Engineering cause he can study with that result?

  4. Felix Lewuga Alfred

    Good morning sir, Can I study Public Administration or Political Science with this my Neco Result?
    My English is B3
    Mathematics B4
    Government C5
    Literature C6
    Economic C5
    Biology D7
    Commerce C5
    CRS B4
    Marketing B3

  5. Sir I have issue with my waec,our math is been cancelled but the rest subject is good.
    But my neco I have c6 in English,c6 in math,b2 in chem and phy and in my biology I have c4
    Pls sir my question is, can I use only the neco to enter nursing or should I combine both

  6. Muhammad Idris Hussain

    Sir my results c5 English,c6 mathematics, b3 Arabic, c5 Civic,d7 fisheries,B2 government,c4 Hausa, c4 Islamic and d7 literature in English
    I want study common and Islamic law can I do please!?

  7. Sir,I have
    C6 in English
    C5 in mathematics
    B3 in Civic education
    B3 in government
    C4 in economics
    C5 in Geography
    D7 in Animal husbandry
    C6 in Islamic studies
    Will I be able to get admission to study law ?

  8. Sir I got B in English,B in Civic,B in literature,C in Crs,C in biology,C in history,D in Data processing,D in Agric sci, and finally E8 in mathematics.
    Will I be able to gain admission to study law?
    I will be glad if my request is put into consideration.

    1. You are required to possess at least five (5) credit passes which must include Literature in English, English Language, and any three (3) Social Science/Arts subjects.

      The admission requirements for law vary with different universities. The average university requires 70% for English Language and 50% for Mathematics.

      So make proper research about your proposed school or combine your O’level.

  9. AOndoaver sonnen Ferdinard

    sir, I got
    chemistry credit
    int/science credit
    education credits
    GSE. credit from NCE
    and 1b3. 3c6. and 4c5 in neco result
    can I get direct entry admission

  10. English A1
    Maths c5
    Chemistry c6
    Physics c5
    Biology c4
    Geography B2
    Economics B2
    Marketing c5
    I had those results in neco recently
    Can I get admissions in a university to study structural or civil engineering

    1. Bola, You need to have credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, and Physics plus two (2) other Science subjects before processing admission for Computer Science.

      Some institutions can be specific with O’level requirements. Most institutions want exactly what JAMB demand from candidates while a few others want less.

      So check the jamb brochure for computer science and search O’level requirements for your school of choice.

    1. Abba Abdullahi hassan

      English language C5
      General mathematics D7
      Civic education C6
      Economics B2
      Fisheries C5
      Government C5
      Hausa C5
      Islamic studies C5
      Literature in English B3

      Sir my result is good or what

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