How To Pass Neco 2022/23 Easily -No Expo

Pass neco NO EXPO! If you have ever asked the question; Is it possible to pass neco once and for all without runs or expo? Then you have come to the right place at the right time because the question will be answered.


I know you are convince by the common saying that the National Examination Council (NECO) exam is harder to pass than waec. I would not argue about that. However, I see thousands of candidates blast neco every year without the assistance of anyone (Expo).

Your success in Neco 2022 is not only fact but reality.

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How To Pass NECO 2022/23 without Expo

Some candidates fail Neco, not because they are dull or not brighter, but because they are not ordered. The steps below will order you to pass Neco.

  1. Get and Use waec or neco past questions.
  2. Don’t skip examples and exercises.
  3. revise your Notebooks
  4. Get recommended books for Neco 2022/23
  5. Attend Classes or lecture houses.
  6. Put yourself in exam condition to see how Neco 2022/23 would be like.
  7. Find A Reading Partner If You Can
  8. Pray To God
  9. NECO Syllabus Makes It Easier:
  10. Believe In Yourself And Never Give Up

1. Using Waec or neco past questions as as quick gate to pass neco

As a student who wishes to pass neco and get straight A’s, You need pass Questions.

NECO past questions and answers books are rare in most bookshops, you can still get it.

They are sold in good bookshops around. The school where you registered could offer to give you past questions.

2. Don’t skip examples and exercises.

So many students are in the habit of not attempting exercises that teachers gave them.

If you want to pass neco then sit down and attempt as many questions as, who knows may be one can be your NECO Question the examination hall.

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3. Revise your Notebooks.

Because you have read doesn’t mean you are now Perfect. forget about it. Always go through what you have read over and over again.

Look at this: How you can study Long hours without getting tired or sleepy.

4. Get recommended books for Neco

Making use of advanced level (A’ level) textbooks won’t be of any help to you in NECO. NECO exam is simplified and also needs ordinary level (O’ level) textbooks.

Thou, Some textbooks are more difficult to understand. If you have any subject you are finding difficult to understand, then get a textbook that will simplify the topics and make life better for you.

5. Attend Classes or lecture houses.

You don’t attend classes, You don’t even take glance at Note and you want to pass neco? F9 is awaiting you (Lol)

In order to run from F9 and get straight A’s attend classes regularly you will do well in Neco.

6. Put yourself in exam condition to see how Neco would be like.

Do you know that practice makes perfect?

Test yourself once in a while, answer full one year past questions on your own without checking the answers. Then mark to see your score.

7. Pray To God

I am a Christian and I believe in God, Prayers works…in case you don’t believe.

if you really want to pass neco exam. Pray To God and He will surely answer your prayers. No matter what religion you are in, just pray for God’s help in your exam. Find time to pray everyday for your exam, divine protection and help from God.

8. NECO Syllabus Makes It Easier.

Making use of syllabus will Guide you through the process.

Find the Syllabus for neco and use it wisely. In case you can’t find it, use Waec syllabus, they contain the same topics.

9. Find A Reading Partner If You Can

From a personal experience reading alone is boring especially when you find it difficult to understand a particular topic.

For the sake of passing neco 2022/23. You can create a reading group with your friends or better still find a reading partner. If reading in groups doesn’t work out for you, then read alone and do what works best for you!!.

10. Believe In Yourself And Never Give Up

One Important key to Success is self-confidence

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Don’t be discouraged and deceived by anyone telling you that you cannot pass neco in one sitting. Have faith in yourself. I am 100% sure that if you follow the steps in this article and study hard, you will excel in flying colours.

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Hope you found this article helpful? Feel free to share this idea with other Neco candidates. I wish you the very best.









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