How To Prepare In Two Weeks for Jamb 2022

Prepare for jamb in two weeks

How can you study for two week to prepare for JAMB 2022/2023? This is one of the questions Jamb candidates ask when they have not cover the needed topics to pass jamb.

In this article i want to give you a simple tricks that work wonders, it’s just a guide on how to cover a large percentage of your jamb syllabus even if your jamb exams is just a week coming.

Preparing to pass jamb in two weeks is not perhaps the best way but it is possible to prepare and pass Jamb in 2 Weeks.

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Steps To Prepare for Jamb In Two Weeks

The following tips will help you Prepare And Pass Jamb 2022 In Two Weeks;

  1. Identify key points and study them carefully (All subjects)
  2. Use Past Questions
  3. Don’t Read Big Materials two weeks to exam
  4. Forget about social media two weeks to jamb exam
  5. Focus on the Relevant things

1. Identify key points and study them carefully (All subjects)

At this point you don’t need to study the whole recommended jamb syllabus to pass jamb what you need to do is identify main key points in a topic and digest it very well this will determine your success.

Get a little jotter and bring out the most important point out and focus on them.

Why use a jotter? Here is why: 10 Reasons Jotting While Reading is Important To You.

2. Use Past Questions

Dont underestimate the power of past Questions, A fast way to prepare and score very high in Jamb is the use of Jamb past questions. Get the past questions for your Jamb subjects and study along with them.

You don’t study Jamb past questions because it would be repeated word-for-word. You study past questions so as to operate at the same frequency as Jamb. Don’t ever make the mistake of cramming past Questions.

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3. Don’t Read Big Materials two weeks to exam

It is 336 hours to exam books recommended by Jamb are usually very bulky. Get textbooks that are straight to the point. There are books you can finish within two days.

This doesn’t mean that they are of lower quality. The only thing is that they contain only the relevant points. 

4. Forget about social media two weeks to jamb exam

Many Jambites are fond of reading and chatting simultaneously. This is not good for you.

Concentrate your whole strength and focus on your studies in two weeks to come you will pass jamb without stress.

5. Focus on the Relevant things

Paying attention to every jamb detail is not really important at this point. Do not assume that you know any topic. Ensure that you visit every topic as fast as possible. Do not waste time on any topic. 

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