25 Qualities Of A Good Student

Now, many student mistake qualities as been the same with characteristics. Just the same way they equate qualities and skills. These terms are not the same. In this post, I will share with you qualities of a good student.


These qualities are important for students because it is the bridge to succeeding in difficult tasks associated with learning, achieve set goals and to overcome challenges and obstacles on the pathway to success.

25 Qualities Of A Good Student

A good student is not tardy. Yes, punctuality is hard to maintain, but if you are determined to get the most of your studies, then you will strive to come to school early. This will not only save you from a bad impression, but it will also keep you from missing early quizzes and other activities.



Cheaters do not make good students, so say goodbye to your cheating buddies. Exams are evaluations of your learning. Meaning, it does not matter if you do not get perfect scores as long as you get to assess how much you have learned from a lesson.

Team player

Many times you have to work with your classmates in group activities. Therefore, if you want a positive result for each performance, then you need to cooperate with them. Treating your groupmates as competitors would do your grades no good.


A good student makes sure s/he is organized in everything—including time management and school things. This will help you avoid cramming and forgetting where you have inserted your assignments.


This does not talk about seeing your classmates as rivals. Instead, being competitive means you do not back out from any challenging activities in your classes. For example, if your teacher gives a difficult Math problem, you try to solve it on your own rather than just wait for your classmates to figure it out.


You are not hesitant to voice out your ideas in the class, participate in contests, or join a school organization. You believe in yourself.


A good student is good at socialization too. The only thing that might hinder you from making friends with your classmates is either you consider them as threats to your goal to top the class or you think you are not good enough to be friends with them.


A good student is someone who can be well-rounded. Meaning, you should not forget that you have other roles in life too, such as being a child, a sibling, and a friend. Make sure you can still help in doing house chores, spend time with your family, and hang out with your friends from time to time.


This simply means you finish your school requirements on time, be able to review or study your lessons ahead of exam schedules and attend to the tasks assigned to you by your teacher or group mates.


A self-reliant student is independent. Meaning, you can work on your requirements alone and with little supervision.


You are not really a student if you think you know it all. Being teachable means being humble to accept corrections and ask for help if you cannot fully grasp a lesson.

If you believe that God is the giver of this opportunity to be in school, then you must not forget to acknowledge and thank Him. Also, you can ask Him for constant guidance and strength in everything you do.

Other Qualities Of A Good Student

  • They Believe In Themselves.
  • They Are Ambitious
  • They Are Ask Relevant Questions
  • They Are Life-Long Learners.
  • They Are Committed To Their Studies
  • They Are Very Optimistic About Success
  • They Are Very Smart
  • They Build A Healthy Relationship
  • They Do Not Shy Away From Extra-Curricular Activities
  • They Have Good Manners
  • They Have Self-Control
  • They Have A Timetable
  • They Are Good Listener
  • Academic Competency
  • Are Self-Motivated.
  • Attentive To Lesson
  • Courteous
  • Diligent
  • Goal-Driven
  • Have Self-Awareness.
  • Patient With Difficulties
  • Persevering
  • Positive Attitude
  • Resourceful
  • They Have Set Boundaries

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