15 Questions To Ask Yourself And Stay Motivated During Your Tough Times

Questions are very powerful in helping to point us towards our purpose and maintaining focus. I found this super amazing book “15 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stay Motivated During Tough Times” By Brian Tracy very helpful. I hope you also find it helpful after reading!


15 Questions To Ask Yourself And Stay Motivated During Your Tough Times

1. Who do I want to be?
Is where you are in life right now exactly where you want to be? Ask yourself who you want to be and take time to think about how you can get there.

2. What would it take for me to be perfectly happy?
If you’re not happy with who you are or what you’re doing, what would it take to make you happy? Sometimes the answer is something small and sometimes it is much larger.


3. How do I def i ne success?
In your mind, what is it that would make you successful? There are many dif f erent def i nitions of success, but what matters most to you?

4. What do I want most in life?
If you could wave a magic wand and have whatever it is that you want in life, what would it be? When you realize and write down what you want most, your brain will start thinking of ways to get you there.

5. What am most I grateful for?
We are motivated by the things that we a grateful for. When we give thanks to others we break patterns of negative thinking that block us.

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation”

Brian Tracy ↱

6. What is my biggest goal?
What is the most important thing that you want to accomplish that you haven’t been able to thus far in your life? Write down this goal. Look at it every day and do something to work towards it every day.

7. How would I feel inside if I achieved my goal today?
Imagine how you would feel had you already achieved your goal. Whenever you’re not feeling motivated, think of how you will feel when you’ve achieved what you want.

9. What would be the best thing that could happen if I achieved my goal?
Visualizing all of the wonderful things that could happen for you if you achieved your goal is a great way to stay motivated.

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10. Who can support me?
Having a strong support network can help you overcome your fears and obstacles that may be holding you back.

11. What stops me from being motivated and how can I overcome these obstacles?
You know yourself better than anyone else. This is what is truly holding you back. List your biggest fear, and immediately confront it. Fear paralyzes us with indecision and can make it nearly impossible to take action. Visualize yourself as unafraid and confront your fear.

12. What do I like about myself?
It’s important that even when times are tough, you remain positive about yourself.
One of the most powerful things you can do is repeat positive af f i rmations to yourself outloud. Write down what you like about yourself, and repeat it often.

13. What habits do I want to change?
It’s harder to break bad habits than to create new positive ones. But slowly you can start to focus on forming new habits and slowly break old ones. If you have habits that you think are holding you back, slowly start doing the opposite.

14. Where do I want to be 5 years from now?
Having long term goals that are a little more dif f i cult to achieve are important to keep you motivated. Think about where you want to be in 5 years, and remember that nothing is impossible

15. How committed am I to the promises I made myself?
In order to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, you must make a strong, unwavering commitment to them. Make a commitment to yourself today.

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I hope you find this book “15 Questions To Ask Yourself And Stay Motivated During Your Tough Times” helpful don’t forget to share and leave your comments below!








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