7 Tips for How to Read Faster & Understand!

After learning to read and write, Another difficult aspect of learning comes which is the way to read and understand, This challenge is commonly found in students.


Reading is one of the core activities of studying. You have to be able to understand what you are reading and be able to recall key ideas when you need them.

A lot of Students search the internet daily for quries such as the once listed below;

  • How can I read and Understand?
  • How can I understand and remember what I have read easily?
  • I forget what I have read after some time. What should I do?
  • How can I remember things in school?
  • How do I read effectively?
  • What are the secrets of successful students?
  • How Do I understand difficult courses?
  • What should I do when I lost motivation to read?

In this article, I will be dealing with how you can read and understand. If you have problem understanding what you have read, this article is for you. I am going to make it very simple so that you don’t miss out anything.

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There are 7 golden steps to help you improve your reading and comprehension skills, note that reading these steps can’t be complete without you putting it into action.

  1. Avoid distractions
  2. Quick Survey
  3. Questions
  4. Get background information
  5. Read (Total concentration)
  6. Recall
  7. Explain to yourself (Review)

Now take a glass of chilled water and relax as I explain what I mean

Avoid distractions

What I call distraction may not be distracting to you. However, you alone knows what takes your attention while studying. Put them aside and try to concentrate a bit. This is the first stage of reading and understanding.

Distraction may take various forms: physically, emotionally or psychologically. Whatever form it comes ensure you deal with it before you think of reading talk less of understanding.

Quick Survey

This is the the second stage of how to read and and understand, Before you start to read, survey the material to gain an overview of the contents. How do you do this? Well just flip through the pages one after another. Take note of the following;

  • title(s) and subheadings
  • summaries or abstracts
  • visual materials (pictures, charts, graphs or tables) if their is.
  • the first and last sentences in paragraphs

while going through the overview process I Know Questions will begin to arise within you that leads us to the next stage;

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Now take your pen and it’s time to write down your questions. Writing down questions keeps you alert and focused on your work.

Your reading will be more memorable if you question the material.

During the question process, Ensure you get the backyard knowledge of the entire book you Reading, how? That leads us to the fouth stage.

Get background information

Find something out about the topic you have to read. Point out what you should know after the chapter. This may give you a good start.

Don’t start a topic from the difficult part. Always start from basics. This will give you the momentum to press forward. It is always better to start from the known to unknown.


This is the stage where you begin the real thing, begin your Studies from the first chapter ensure you read line by line while reading, look for answers to the questions you noted down earlier.

Make sure you understand what you are reading. Reduce your reading speed for difficult passages, Stop and reread parts which are not clear. If you have difficulty understanding a text, look up difficult words in the dictionary.

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RECALL straight after you finish taking reading, Close the book and cover your notes. Check their accuracy, now ask yourself did you recall super fast? If no, Return to the book. Read one section at a time and try to recall what you have read.

If you were unable to recall one of the major points, then reread that section of the reading to clarify it further. 

Explain to yourself (Review)

Is time to teach yourself!! this is our final stage of how to read and understand.

After teaching yourself ask a simple question, “Do I understand this stuff?

If you don’t understand, repeat the step step until you do. It is not by the number of pages you have read. What matters is the number of pages you actually understand. 

I believe that if you follow this steps you will be one of the most comprehensive skilled Student, my advice to you is that if you try the above steps it doesn’t workout don’t give up, this is Because success comes by trying harder.

Why can’t I understand what I read?

Reading literacy/ comprehension disorder

Here are strategies to help you with reading comprehension disorder: 6 Reasons You Fall Asleep While Reading (Tips On How To Stop)

Why do I read and forget easily?

Most of us quickly forget most of the information we are exposed to.

We forget because we are not paying enough attention to what we want to remember in order to print it firmly in our minds.

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