How To Register And Get National ID Card (NIN) Fast!

Everything you need to know about National Identity Number (NIN) from usefulness to method of application and how to register is what I will discuss here, A lot of people don’t know the importance of NIN, The NIN is enough for you to do a lot of things (Sim registration, Jamb, Jobs, Scholarships, Travel, Banks, Office, etc). Today, I will guide you on how to register and get your National ID as fast as possible.

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What is NIN?

The National Identification Number (NIN) consists of 11 non- intelligible numbers randomly chosen and assigned to an individual after completing enrollment into the National Identity Database (NIDB).

Once a NIN is assigned to an individual, it can never be reassigned, given or used by another person, making it unique in nature.


In the case of an individual’s demise, his/her NIN is retired once a death certificate is presented to the Commission and the individual’s death is established.

The NIN is used to tie all records about an individual in the database and is also used to establish or verify his/her identity.

All citizens and legal residents in Nigeria, from age zero (birth) and above are eligible to enrol for their NINs.

Steps To Register And Get Your NIN Quickly

  • Walk into the enrolment Centre with a supporting document (One of School Id, Voters Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, License, etc).
  • You will be verified to ascertain if you have ever enrolled using the NIN verification portal ↱.
  • Fill the enrolment form to fill.
  • The enrolment forms will be vetted by a NIMC Official to crosscheck the information filled on the form against the supporting document provided and to check for errors/mistake-filled on the form.
  • Your pre-filled information will be inputted on the NIMC Software by a NIMC enrolment officer or the Barcode slip will be scanned by the NIMC enrolment officer to populate all the required field.
  • The enrolment officer will ask you to double-check your information for errors using the applicant monitor.
  • If you are satisfied with the demographic information, biometrics is next (ten finger prints and facial image).
  • You will be given your NIN Slip immediately or ask to come back the next day or within one week for the NIN slip.

A National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is issued to the applicants after processing. The National e-ID Card will be issued to the applicant within X months after the Issuance of NIN barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Documents For (NIN) National ID Card Enrolment

Now you may be wondering, what are the documents I need to get my National Identity card? You are required to bring along any of the following as a proof of your identity for your enrollment.

  1. Old National ID card (If available).
  2. Valid Driver’s license.
  3. Valid InterNational passport.
  4. Voter’s ID card.
  5. Govt. staff ID card.

Note: You can use any of the means of identification above. You don’t necessarily need to have all. If you still don’t have 1 to 5 above, feel free to use birth certificate as means of identification.

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NIN issuance

How can I get my national identify ID card? There are three ways you can be issued your card;

  • The normal time frame for issuance of National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is 2 to 3 working days from when the biometric details are captured at enrolment centres.
  • The issuance of NIN may take longer in certain cases due to validation of details at NIMC. VFS has no role to play to expedite for such cases.
  • The Transaction ID Slip is required to be stored carefully by the applicant as it is required to be presented at the time of collection of NIN Slip indicating completion of enrolment.

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