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How to Reset/Retrieve Your JAMB Password [Step by Step]

How to Reset/Retrieve Your JAMB Password: If you don’t have access to your jamb profile then you are likely not to have admission this year.

Having access to your JAMB profile is very important. Especially for the fact that if you are eventually offered admission, you must log in to your JAMB profile to accept or decline the admission.

There are two things you need to login to your JAMB profile are your email address and password. Understand that the password used here is not compulsorily the same one you use in logging into your email account.

Many jamb Candidates have forgotten they passwords, this is why I have decided to create this article How to Reset/Retrieve Your JAMB Password.

There are three conditions attached to resetting jamb password . 

  1. You must know your JAMB email. You can easily get that on your JAMB UTME registration or exams slip
  2. You must still have a phone line you used for JAMB registration active on a phone. If you’ve lost that, all it takes is to do welcome-back or retrieve that at any MTN, GLO, Etisalat, Airtel offices, or shops around you.
  3. You must be ready to spend just N50.

The three ways to retrieve or Reset your Jamb password;

  1. You can retrieve jamb password with email
  2. You can retrieve jamb password with jamb portal
  3. You can retrieve your jamb password through sms

the easiest and quickest one is via SMS;

How To Retrieve/Reset JAMB Password Via SMS

  1. Make sure you have at least N50 loaded or left on your account.
  2. Go to the message and send the “password (space) email used for JAMB” to 55019/66019
  3. For example, password [email protected] to 55019/66019
  4. A message below will arrive on your phone in a moment.

 Your request has been received and is being processed, you will get response shortly.The service will cost you #50.

jamb massage

After this, N50 will be deducted from your account and another message containing a new password will be sent to you as below.

 You new Login details email: [email protected], Pwd: cand9ab3db

Jamb massage

How to Retrieve JAMB Password on JAMB Portal

  1. Visit the JAMB password reset link here ↱.
  2. Enter your email address and correct date of birth.
  3. Click on get password reset link
  4. Login to your email address to find a message with the subject “JAMB e-Facility – Password Reset”
  5. Open the email and click on the “Reset my Password” link.
  6. Enter your new password on the next page.
  7. Click on “Change Password”.

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what if i can’t reset jamb password through sms or jamb portal?

well, hope on God, If every other method proved abortive, then this is the next option available.

You could contact JAMB support ↱ to report that you are having issues resetting your JAMB password. Someone from JAMB will get back to you with instructions that will help you recover your JAMB password.

Perhaps you don’t get a reply within 2-3 working days (Mondays to Friday, 9am to 4pm), please visit a JAMB CBT centre to complain.

I hope you find this article helpful ? Share it with someone who you think needs it. Use any social media button.








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  1. I used my email to register my jamb Cap but it is telling me invalid is it compulsory i will go to jamb office to register the email again

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