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How To Score 250 to 300 In Jamb 2021/2022 CBT Exam

How do I score between 250 and 300 In Jamb? This is the question most jamb candidate ask.

To score 250 and above in jamb, you will need to work extremely hard to score high.

Scoring above 250 will give you more leverage to gain admission

You don’t need to kill yourself over reading the whole text books you have just to score 300 or 250 in jamb

Follow the right guide below and jamb will clap hands for you!

How to score 250 to 300 in jamb 2022/23

  • Start studying on time

When it comes to passing jamb, reading should be your number one priority

The are many topics that you need to be covered, so earlier you begin to study the better for you.

  • Make use of jamb syllabus

When it comes to scoring 250 to 300 in jamb the power of jamb Syllabus can’t be underestimated.

To use this effectively you must study only the subjects you are going to write in the exam, so you do not waste your time reading irrelevant subjects.

  • Study Past questions relating to your course

Most students complain that past questions don’t really work for them

Well, that is because the don’t study inline with jamb syllabus.

Whether you believe it or not, JAMB repeats questions from year to year.

With the help of second tip and this one, be rest assured that you will score 250 to 300 in jamb

  • Understand the rule of time management

Jamb examination is timed event, Your countdown begins when you hit the START button.

To be on a safer side make sure you begin with subject you know very well so that you don’t waste too much time.

Don’t waste time on questions you can’t remember the answers to

Skip and come back to deal with them.

  • consider attending a jamb TUTORIAL CENTRE

My experience in tutorial centers tells me that it is a good one to try when aiming 250 to 300 in an exam like JAMB

Studying on your own to score very high in Jamb is not impossible.

A tutorial is not a MUST do, it helps for the purpose of avoiding distraction.

  • Start Studying For Long

So you think studying one hour will give you a high score in jamb?

No it won’t, it is high time you study 3 hours on daily basis just to hit that 250 to 300 in jamb.

Recommended: proven tricks to study for hours without losing concentration.

  • Concentrate on your weakness

Student tend not to study the subjects or topics they don’t like.

The subject you afraid of are even more simplier when you give them more time in studying.

My advice to you, study one ki of them at least 3 hours a day.

Now, over to you!

What ways do you think one can score up to 250 to 300 in jamb ?

Drop your thoughts in the comment box below and don’t forget to Share.

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