7 Signs You’re Not Ready For Jamb Or Waec

If you’re preparing for Waec or Jamb UTME, and you have asked yourself this question; am I ready for this exam? Then this article is for you. I will be analyzing 7 signs that show you are not fully ready. To make things easier, I will suggest solutions too!


7 Signs You’re Not Ready For Jamb Or Waec

Sign No 1: You’re Afraid Of The Exam!

What you are afraid of is also afraid of you.

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Fear is one of the most greatest human enemy there is, It will make you feel as if you are not preparing well for the coming jamb or waec examination.


Fear of failure could cripple your result even before it comes Out, Do not let failure represent an alternative in your mind.

Look at this: How to Answer Exam Questions: Proven Tips And Tricks.

Solution: what you need to overcome the fear of not been ready for the weac or jamb examination is;

Sign No 2: zero Confidence!!

Your confidence determines your competence. The level of confidence you command is directly proportional to your level of preparedness. Lack of confidence speaks volume of the fact that you are not fully prepared for the exam.

Solution: Sometimes, lack of confidence could mean doubt about your preparation. To clear these doubts, solve as many questions as possible (Waec and Jamb Past Questions) and see how well you perform.

Sign No 3: You Are Afraid Of Attempting Questions

You should take it as a habit to attempt questions relating to your examination.

Solution: Get questions and start solving. It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong. Make necessary corrections and move on.

Sign No 4: You Don’t Want To Talk About The Exam

If you don’t like discussing your forthcoming examination, it means that you are not ready to take the exams!

Your examination is certainly worth talking about. When you don’t have an interest in it anymore, it means you are not ready to take the test at all.

Soulution: Meet friends taking the same examination and share your experience. Let them know how you feel about the exam. Remember, help doesn’t come if you fail to take a step.

Sign No 5: You Don’t Have Big Expectations

How I wish I could just score 180 this coming jamb,

how I wish I could just score Score C’s in my waec/neco

I can manage E rather than F9

Weak student expectations

If this is still your statement, then you are not ready for the exam at all.

Solution: Don’t sit back and take what comes. Go for what you want. If you can see it, you can seize it.

Sign No 6: You Are Unable To Solve Questions Correctly

organize a series of tests for themselves, especially when the exams are close.

Now, when you cannot solve questions correctly on the topics you have covered, then it means you are not ready for the exam yet.

Solution: For every topic you cover, ensure to solve at least 20 questions correctly. This will boost your confidence, evidence and competence.

Sign No 7: You Don’t Have a full Idea About The Exam

Understanding makes you outstanding. It is not by sight but insight.

If I may ask, what clear understanding do you have about your forthcoming examination?

Solution: You will have to answer my question above then you will find the solution to the problem.

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