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How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No money

With over 40,000,000+ search results on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No money” There is no doubt that a lot of people want to make that cool money without spending a dime.

Affiliate marketing is currently the best way to generate passive income without spending a single cent.

Well, This is true to a point and not true from some other perspective.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are 4 different parties involved in affiliate marketing;

  • The Merchant (Advertiser, Seller)
  • Network
  • Publisher and
  • The Customer

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According to Nichepursuits ↱ Affiliate marketing at a quick glimpse;

  • An affiliate signs up for a company or store affiliate program.
  • The affiliate marketer gets a special link for products for sale via the company affiliate program. 
  • Then, the affiliate recommends the products for sale to an audience of potential customers. 
  • A potential customer clicks the affiliate marketer’s link and makes a successful purchase.
  • The company pays the affiliate marketer a commission of the sale. Commission rates and percentages are explained during the affiliate sign-up process. 

Do You Need Money To Start Affiliate Marketing?

Yes and No

Why No? There is no cost to sign up for affiliate programs, you can start making money with an established affiliate product from any affiliate network.

Why Yes? You need $200 to make $100, Spending money in affiliate marketing is something you need to do if you want high commissions on a short time basis.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No money

According to Shopify ↱, here are quick directions to do it without money;

  1. Find a niche
  2. Choose an affiliate program
  3. Decide on a traffic source
  4. Create content to build trust
  5. Grow an audience
  6. Respond and chat with your audience

These proven steps by Shopify are indeed no doubt the right path to follow Since you don’t want to pay anything.

What is more interesting is creating a social media presence which can generate more leads without spending a penny, How?

Actionable Tips to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money (Social Media)

1. Start affiliate marketing with no money on Tiktok

Users spent $2.3 billion on Tiktok last year, This is why a lot of marketers are running to Tiktok now.

By its nature, the audience is primarily young people who want to learn more about digital marketing, distance education, opportunities and more!

Smartmoneytactics ↱ has done an excellent job on how to start affiliate marketing with no money below is a video to quench your taste for affiliate marketing on Tiktok.

2. Affiliate Marketing on Instagram with no money

Instagram is one more helpful social media platform compared with Twitter, Facebook or others. One key feature of Instagram is hashtags when properly used can generate traffic, you can post images, videos, stories, and Reels and attract potential customers.

On Instagram, the first thing to consider before you think of making that money is the “AUDIENCE“, When you give your audience what they want they will love you.

A comprehensive guide on affiliate marketing on Instagram with Andy will teach you something fresh.

3. Affiliate marketing on Facebook with no money

With over 2.936 billion+ users, Facebook is sure your go-to place for making that money without spending a penny.

You can start successfully on Facebook affiliate marketing with no money by following these quick steps;

  1. Build or create your Facebook Profile or Group
  2. Improving SEO for Your Facebook Page
  3. Join another affiliate group in your niche Promote your affiliate product in those groups
  4. Engage your audience always with relevant content
  5. Stay consistent!

4. Affiliate marketing on Twitter with no money

Meet the micro-blogging platform, You can start affiliate marketing on Twitter with no penny.

Daniel ↱ has clearly outlined the proper steps to start making use of Twitter for affiliate marketing.

  • Build a Strong Twitter Bio.
  • Meet Fellow Twitters.
  • Always Tweet.
  • Increase the Number of Your Followers.
  • Use Hash Tags. 

Watch Daniel as he educates on affiliate marketing on Twitter with no money.


We have looked at the different ways to start affiliate marketing with no money. How about with money?

You can take your affiliate journey to the next level by starting your blog, where to start from? Right here: Steps to Start a Blog – Easy Guide to Create a Blog

If you have set your mind on starting affiliate marketing with no money, there’s no way you won’t succeed off course with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck.

I hope you find this article helpful? Share it with someone who you think needs it.









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