4 Steps to Start a Side Hustle as a Student

Today I want to outline the 4 Steps to Start a Side Hustle as a Student and earn.


As a student, you would require a lot of money. Our parents do give us some money while studying at high school or university. But often, that’s not enough. This happens because we have lots of wants and our allowances aren’t often enough to pay for these.

Furthermore, the Credit Card Act-2009 doesn’t allow persons below the age of 21 years to own a credit card in the USA. In some cases, an 18-years old can get a credit card, but only after proving they have enough money to sustain themselves and repay credit card dues on time.


However, this needn’t stop you from buying the stuff you want and enjoying days as a student. There’re several side hustles that you could try and earn a lot of money in your spare time. Also, such side hustles don’t take a lot of your time. You could simply take an hour or two or more, depending on your schedule for high school or college to start a side hustle.

At the same time, it’s necessary to take certain steps while starting a side hustle as a student. If you’re one such student that plans on having a side hustle, continue reading. I will walk you through these steps.

Steps to Start a Side Hustle as a Student

1. Comply with FLSA:

The Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA of the USA doesn’t allow children and teenagers below a certain age to work. While infants, toddlers and pre-teen kids can work as models or actors or voice actors only, those above the age of 13 can take only certain jobs that don’t expose them to any dangers and risks.

Teenagers above 16 have a wider range of jobs or side hustles to choose while those above the age of 18 years can take almost any job of their choice.

Therefore, the first step would clearly be compliance with the FLSA.

This means, finding from the nearest Labor Department officials about the type of jobs that you can take as a side hustle as a student. There’re some jobs where the employer might have to take special permission from the authorities to hire you on that side hustle. Knowing these rules would help you select a side hustle of your choice.

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2. Shortlist Your Skills

Once you know the kind of work you could legally start as a side hustle, the next best thing to do is shortlist your skills. In the absence of a university degree or even a high school degree, the only thing you can offer is your skills. Here, your skills don’t need to be related to doing something about your studies. You could use any of your hobbies or passions or some skill that you’re good at, for a side hustle.

For example, if you’re good at math and love to play with numbers, you could easily find job as an online bookkeeper or an accounting assistant with some local store or business. And, if you love meeting people, part-time customer care might service your needs. Those fond of pets can sign-up on apps and website that enroll caregivers for dogs and cats. There’s no shortage of jobs if you’ll use your hobbies and passions to find them.

3. Decide Your Work Hours

Unfortunately, a lot of students give up the side hustles that they launched with enthusiasm. This happens due to tiredness from working long, Or when they work hours aren’t suitable. A side hustle aims to earn money.

This doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your studies or health to chase money. Thus, fixing your work hours is one of the most important steps in starting a side hustle as a student.

Nowadays, lots of online jobs are available with flexible working hours. This allows you to work only at times when you’re free. If you’re above 18 years of age, Amazon Flex is one very side hustle you could try. This side hustle involves delivering orders for Amazon. You can select the time slots for delivery, depending on your schedule for the day. Working with flexible hours is a system that enables us to manage time properly.

4. Try Freelancing Online

According to MoneyConnexion ↱, the United States ranks first among countries with the most freelancing opportunities and the largest population of freelancers, as 33 to 53 per cent of the American workforce consists of freelancers. Freelancing allows you to use all your skills and work with flexible hours too. You can take only those contracts that pay well and suit your timings. On average, a freelancer in the USA makes about $14.95, which is a fair enough amount, to begin with for a side hustle as a student.

I suggest that you visit websites such as or, among others to find what kind of freelancing work suits your skills and needs.

The next and obvious step later is creating a portfolio of your works and a wonderful profile on or and other similar websites to find freelance work. Nobody will come and give you freelance work- you have to bid for it from posts that buyers make on these websites. Also, read the fees they charge.

Wrap Up:

The other steps are creating a killer profile on LinkedIn and an account on Facebook if you don’t have one yet. Facebook carries a bunch of job posts on Facebook Marketplace. You could use these to find side hustles quickly. The four steps to starting a side hustle as a student could make it easier for you.

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