15 Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Do And How to Fix it

Blogging mistakes

Blogging is reaping more disclosure in Nigeria, Africa and the world in general; so also are blogging mistakes. The smaller your blogging mistakes, the faster your blogging progress. Failure is wonderful. I thank failure because without mistakes I would never be the blogger I am today. When I started blogging I made a lot of … Read more

5 Biggest Reading Mistakes To Avoid This Year

Reading MistakesĀ in some Examinations can cost you a whole year. Learn to study the right way; avoid mistakes that would make you fail. After careful observation and research, I have come up with mistakes readers make while reading and solutions. The mistakes are: 1. Reading without purpose: Knowing your goal ahead of time can help … Read more

Steps To Correct Mistakes Made During JAMB Registration

How To Correct Mistakes Made During JAMB Registration

Correction of data: I made a mistake during my Jamb Registration, is there any way to correct it? This has been the question asked by jamb candidates who made mistakes such as the ones listed below; Mistake on Names Mistakes on Date of birth or Age Mistakes on State/L.G.A Mistakes On Gender Mistakes on Institution and … Read more