TOP 10 HOT Education Blog in Nigeria You Must Visit !

Top education blog in Nigeria

I guess you must be searching for the top education blog in Nigeria right?

Education as you know is the bedrock of an individual and the country at Large, Today I will update you with the top education blog that provides you with the latest and hottest Education tips.

Note: The top education blog in Nigeria listed here is base on  their popularity by Alexa rank and monthly visitors. This list is meant to be a living document and nothing else.

Without further delay below  are The top Education Resource Blogs in Nigeria:

1. MySchoolGist
2.  Flashlearners
3. Speedyminds
4. NigeriaScholars
5. DailySchoolNews
6. MyPastQuestion
7. NgStudents
8. Schoolnews
9. FlashAcademy
10. Benten Blog

Wait, Why are the blog above listed here anyway?

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There are thousands of education blog in Nigeria but the uniqueness of the above mentioned is explain below.

Best Education Blog In Nigeria 2020/2021

1. MyschoolGist

Just as the name  implies “School Gist”  is one of the best among the best education blog in Nigeria. The  Provide information on upcoming examinations, scholarships, and education-related competitions. ↱ is that one good blog you should visit. With Alexa ranking of below 39,000, ↱ proves to be serving its audience with worthy contents.

2. Flashlearners

Flashlearners of flash Isaac! ↱! One blog that I personally admire, This blog provides instructional and educative data for students. It is owned and manage by Isaac  Inegbenehi.

It’s  target audience is majorly admission seekers. The blog attempts to answer all questions pertaining to examination requirements, possible obstacles, and proffers solutions.

The blog features educative articles and provides information on scholarships and pending examination results.

With Alex ranking of 62,187 in global internet engagement, ↱ have proven to be one of the top education blogs in Nigeria.

3. Speedyminds ↱, Yeah, do not be surprised. indeed a foremost leader in the educational space. Over the years, it has risen to be a top competitor in the educational digital space!

The blog keeps followers aware of educational trends and news happening all over the world through its weekly informative articles and news feeds.

Providing up to date information on schools, available scholarships and Latest about WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB and More!

4. NigeriaScholars

Ranking about 100000 on Alexa, ↱ have been a very insightful website for students and educationist alike. Aside the update on school news and information, Nigerianscholars .com also offers tutorials on many subject. With the standard info on this blog, I can say that it is more than just a blog!

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5. DailySchoolNews

Daily school news! Indeed an education blog that gives daily school news.

Apart from news and updates on admission and examinations in Nigeria, ↱ also gives information like; Top universities in Nigeria, unaccredited courses, admission without jamb and many other information that are very useful to students like; choosing courses and also the university to attend.

With a rank of 1000000 Alexa ranking, ↱ have proven to be one of the top education blogs in Nigeria.

6. MyPastQuestion

If you are preparing for any examination in Nigeria then the right education blog  is ↱

Apart from providing their users with past question on different subjects, ↱ provides other information like, scholarship updates, job vacancies, and news on NYSC.

With a rank of 100000 on Alexa ranking, ↱ is still regarded as one of the most engaging educational blogs in Nigeria.

7. NgStudents

One Nigeria education blog that I personally love! One of the most amazing things about ↱ is that it offers admission help to students seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

Apart from  information and updates it gives about universities in Nigeria, ↱ also give scholarship information. The blog is an education, scholarship and job portal.

With Alexa rank of 15000000 it is still regarded as one of the top education blogs in Nigeria, especially with the admission aid offer.

8. Schoolnews ↱ like other education blogs in Nigeria, provides education news and updates to student in Nigeria. With a rank of 10000000 on Alexa ranking, ↱ still stands out as one of the most resourceful education blogs in Nigeria that provides up to date news on school updates and job opportunities.

9. FlashAcademy ↱ is ranked the best education blog owned by Oyeniyi Michael Barry.

One thing I love about flashAcademy is the persistent news, Educational posts, latest school news, jamb updates, it brings to it’s visitors.

With Alexa rank of 304,655 in the world  FlashAcademy is of no doubt one of the best Education Website in Nigeria loved by both parents and students. If you want authentic education,research and resourceful information don’t forget to visit ↱

10. Benten Blog

Just like most educational blogs in Nigeria, ↱ is one of the top Nigerian educational blogs that aims at providing news and update about Nigerian universities and polytechnics.

Ben is sure working real hard!

This blog is a very resourceful one for admission seekers in Nigeria. With Alexa rank of 200000, ↱ is still one of the blogs in Nigeria that provides good information and up to date news to students and Nigerian youths generally.

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