10 Different Types Of Students You Will Meet In An Exam Hall

Different Types Of Students You Will Meet In An Exam Hall

Few weeks back, I wrote about The different types of girls to toast and not to toast in school today, I will write about Different Types Of Students You Will Meet In An Exam Hall.

When you are in the exam hall, you will meet different kinds of Students in the exam hall. The most stressful and interesting time in school is during the exams periods. 

I was scrolling through my friend’s phone, and I came across some of these funny memes about the different types of students you will meet in an exams hall. These memes crack me up. I searched for more through Instagram and decide to share them here. I am sure as a nigerian student you can relate! ?

Note: manner of arrangement doesn’t matter!

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10 Different Types Of Students You Will Meet In An Exam Hall

10. The smart Student:

These are the type of Students that just came to write and go. They don’t want any body to talk to them and, they won’t talk anybody too!

I referred to these types of students as ‘gurus’. Always minding their business and serious with their studies.

9. The Crammer:

These ones they will cram the whole note book, and will walk straight to go and download what they have crammed. They won’t talk to anybody if they do, everything they crammed will disappear.

These types are always quite. You will never understand what they are upto, until after the exams.

8. The olodos:

The olodos will start asking question immediately the question paper is share. They will start calling you “James number one, James! James!!”

This ones are unserious. They seem like they don’t know the purpose of why they are in school.

7. The crazy one that will keep throwing things at you!

These type of Students are so crazy! They will squeeze paper and throw at you, finally end up snatching your answer sheet if you refuse to tell them.

These students are stubborn. They don’t just bring trouble to themselves but to others too.

6. The most intelligent ones that everyone depend on!

You see these student bah? They normally come late to the hall and be walking like the own the whole world.

These ones are naturally intelligent. They don’t care about the invigilators. They just do their thing and leave the hall.

5. The slay Queens:

These ones? They will come to the hall to fulfill all righteousness, They know they have already passed the exams because they have settled the village gods and ancestors .

these types don’t stress theirself in school. The only thing they are serious about is their looks.

4. The students that brought EXPO:

This type of Students are so confident, they will bring expo but Don’t know how to bring it out. They will sit like they are watching a movie.

These types are not use to cheating in the exams hall. It will take them a lot of guts to give it a try and in most cases they get caught.

3. Over confidence Students:

These ones will be forming they know what will Come out in the exam hall and Once they see the question paper boom!! All hope will be gone!

2. The sharp ones that will ask questions in the exam hall no matter the number of soldiers or invigilators in the exam hall And they won’t be caught.

These types are professional cheat, and they never get caught.

1. The ones that will you tell the answer for a question, explain it to them and they will still be asking for spellings.

These types of students will make you wonder if truely, schooling is their calling.

Oya! Over to you list yours here, i believe you have been in the exam hall too, what types of Students do you see in the exam hall?








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