How Unique Content is Vital in Google’s Ranking

If unique content and google’s ranking matters to you as a content creator then this article will signify a lot to you!


The term “Content is King” has been valid for many years, which makes sense in many ways, especially regarding blog writing and content marketing ↱.

However, many marketers don’t understand what it means and believe it’s only about adjusting the right keywords in your content.


Many other factors affect the rankings, and unique content is one of them. Unique content is critical in achieving a better ranking in search engine page results. Top search engines like Google have officially considered unique content as one of the ranking factors ↱.

Unique content gets more engagements and clicks as the audience appreciates when a platform has to offer some fresh piece of information.

In this article, we will discuss how unique content plays an important role in Google’s ranking.

We will discuss how plagiarism-free content gets your audience’s attention and how marketers can benefit from better rankings.

What is Unique Content?

Unique content refers to being free of plagiarism. The idea is to stand out from the content already published online.

Creating unique content is very important for an online business as it enhances the search engine optimization of a website.
In contrast to plagiarised content, unique content significantly helps grab online audiences.

Role of Unique Content in Google’s Rankings

Here we have mentioned some remarkable benefits of unique content and its role in achieving better rankings in Google search engine page results.

1. Helps to Gain More Traffic

The purpose of ranking higher in the SERPs is to grab more audience. Many online businesses want to target their audience through marketing or webpage content.

This can be done through blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing.
Now the audience would only be interested in reading your content if it offers something unique in a sense.

A practical tip is to provide featured snippet answers for the queries searched by the audience online. These answers should be concise and to the point, which can be written with the help of a sentence rephraser ↱.

Such tools can give you fluent yet unique content which can gain the top spot in featured snippet answers.

These queries would be relevant to your primary keywords, and they shall provide helpful information to your audience, leading them to the webpage source of your site.

sentence rephraser

2. Better Credibility

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Unique content increases the credibility of your website. Suppose you’re running a business website.

You must understand that the company’s motto and the page should be different but effective from your rival businesses.

With the help of unique content, you can expand your businesses around the globe.
A good practice is to discuss generic content with relevant topics to make it readable for your audience. The audience would feel interested in reading your content when it’s meaningful and relevant to their search queries.

Ultimately, this type of content gets better recognition in search engine result pages and holds broader visibility among the online audience.

3. Safe from Copyright

Copyright infringement is one of the biggest challenges for content marketers and bloggers.

Most of the time, credible online content is protected by copyrights which hold various terms of violation against the party who tries to duplicate the content.

If you’re posting content that seems like some online content protected under copyright, you might have to face more than just a bad ranking.

Therefore, it’s wise to paraphrase online ↱ to make your content unique. Such online tools can help maintain your content’s relevancy and make it plagiarism-free.

paraphrase online website

Once you’ve created your unique content, you can put it online under copyright so no one can steal it from your source.

This factor can raise your chances of gaining credibility among the online community. Copyright guarantees that you have created something unique and are obliged to protect it.

4. Search Engine Penalization

Search Engines like Google have a strict policy against plagiarized content. Posting plagiarized content online is a major red flag in the light of search engine crawlers.

The penalty from Google can depend on plagiarism in your content.

For example, the search engine may issue you a warning or a temporary restriction from publishing content online.

But if you’ve violated the plagiarism code over time, your website may face a permanent ban from posting content online.
Therefore, it is recommended that content marketers post unique content to save the presence and reputation of their online business.

Wrapping up!

Unique content holds great significance for readers and search engines. It’s the critical element of an effective content marketing strategy that helps to turn your audience into customers.

Therefore, the idea of duplicating content from another website shouldn’t be an option.
This article featured some prominent roles of unique content in Google’s ranking.

We discussed the benefits and red flags of posting unique content online to assist you in creating an effective marketing strategy. We hope this article brought you some insightful information.








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