10 main reasons why student fail Jamb and solution to it

Are you planning to write jamb 2020?, If your answer is yes, then this article is a “must read” for you!, Student fail jamb not because they are dull.


They are several reasons why some Nigeria student perform poorly in jamb, it is no news that candidate who wrote jamb 2019 fail massively. If you can look at the record of 2018, Candidate performed very well

Firstly, I want to make you understand that It doesn’t matter whether it is your first Jamb or second, third or fourth as the case may be. The most important thing is that you are taking Jamb next year and you need to blast!!


there are certain things which every Jamb Candidate could do to emerge successfully in the exams.

Reasons why You Will likely Fail Jamb

1• Failure to follow the syllables

Jamb syllables have been a vital tool in the hand of students seeking admission into higher institution. Accord to a little research I made, it shown that 90 percent of those that excel in Jamb are those who study the syllables comprehensively.

I strongly recommend all candidates to have a look at the syllabus for every subject they registered. Pay attention to the subjects you’re anticipated to master and let it guide your studies. This way, you’ll spend no time reading things which are irrelevant to the examination.

I discovered a secret about jamb syllabus, the chemistry jamb syllable of 2005 is the same with chemistry jamb syllable of 2019, so don’t wait for jamb to give you a head start. Go! get jamb old syllable and start preparing! No time to waste!

2• Cramming Past Questions

Uh oooh!…what are you doing?, They meant to assist you!

You are meant to use past questions so as to know the way exam questions are set. They are to be understood and not to be memorized. If you are planning to do that, please don’t do that!

3• Poor study habits

The word student only comes from the word study!,

You may follow the brochure and strictly adhere to the registration processes of Jamb, but the truth remains that academic excellent solely depend on how you studied your texts books and other recommended books in the syllables as I mentioned earlier.

A good number of student give the excuse of being so busy. well, i will say everyone is always doing things that occupies they time, so! That’s not an excuse. Better start reading before is too late!

4• You can’t read for long

As a student I understand that reading for long hours without getting sleepy or tired is very difficult but is just for a while. Pay now so that you can play later. Just imagine the joy of passing Jamb once and for all. The result is always worth the time spent. Dedicate your time to reading, That is all you need to do now.

5• Computer illiteracy

Yes!! we are in a computer a computer age where computer and other computer related devices are easily accessd, yet computer illiteracy still rocks among young school leavers. Since 2014, Jamb had progressed from the rostrum of PPT to the rostrum of CBT which made way for the utilization of computers for the exams.

But hey! Don’t be sad…The good part of Jamb CBT is that, it is very easy and user friendly, All you need to do is follow the instructions on the monitor once you are in the exam venue.

6. Waiting for emergency answers

The moment you focus your mind on what Nigeria student are fond of calling “expo” believe me your failure has began.

You may be wondering, but it is CBT era. Yes, UTME is now computer based. However, people still get all sort of answers by SMS on the exam date. The question is, how are you sure the answers are correct? Do not rely on any body for help. Study hard and success will be your portion.

7• Unconducive/unequipped exams center

This point mentioned above is not from Candidate but rather from they respective CBT centers.

One major thing that poses a threat to JAMB in Nigeria is their poor and unequipped exam environment. These have pose a psychological effect on many students which eventually result to massive failure in Jamb.

If as a candidate you notice a problem with your computer system report to the invigilator immediately.

8• Lack of Speed

Since the change in time of exam in 2017 from 3 hours to 2hours by Jamb, speed has been a problem. Let’s assume you are writing chemistry ,mathematics, USE of English language and Physics, you are going to answer 180 Questions in 2 hours, 60 question for use of English and 40 questions for all other subject.

Just imagine the heat on you, jamb candidate Must be super fast!, Time waits for no man! as it ticks in seconds.

9• Deafness to attendance

You lost concentration because you are writing Jamb!..?

You must be all ears while writing your exams. Are you writing with your ears? Of course not, so candidates have to pay adequate attention to attendance while writing the exams. Your attendance indicates your present in the exams and failure to answer to it means that you did not write the exams.

10• Incomplete materials

Yes, this has possed a problem to many candidates. The exams day is like an injury period which a simple mistake can hurt for life.

Before departing for the exams hall check out for your materials such as Jamb print out, Passports etc. Read the necessary instructions and adhere to it. Where you are to bring a colour print-out please don’t bring a black and white print out.

I hope the above reasons have convince you about the various ways why student fail jamb.

Do you have more reasons to add ? Drop yours in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share with your friends who are preparing to write jamb next year!


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