Jamb Agricultural science CBT Quiz


Agricultural science Quiz

This Quiz will increase your knowledge in Agriculture.

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Which of the following diseases commonly occurs during brooding?
I. Yolk sac infection
II. Coccidiosis
III. Fowl pox
IV. Pullorum

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The correct sequence of feed utilization in farm animals is

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Government plays a role in the development of agriculture through the following means except

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A dentrimental effect of bush burning is that it

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Which of the following statements is a disadvantage of human power? It

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Types of Agriculture Practiced
A type of Agriculture in which the farmer produces food that is just enough for him and his family

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Which of the following factors are causes of deforestation in West Africa?

I. Expansion of cultivated land
II. High population of growth rate
III. Conservation of wildlife in game reserves
IV. Urban growth

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Poaching is prohibited in game reserves to

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Which of the following properties of soil determines its water-holding capacity?
I. Texture
III. Color
IV. Structure

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