Kaduna State Scholarship (kdsg scholarship) Apply!

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of individuals and societies. Recognizing this, the Kaduna State Government in Nigeria has taken significant steps to promote education through the Kaduna State Scholarship (KDSG Scholarship) program. This article delves into the details of this scholarship initiative, highlighting its objectives, eligibility criteria, benefits, and the impact it has on the students and the state as a whole.


I. Objectives of the KDSG Scholarship

Under the visionary leadership of the Kaduna State Government, the KDSG Scholarship program aims to achieve several key objectives:

  1. Promote Access to Education: The scholarship program aims to provide financial assistance to deserving students from Kaduna State, ensuring that they have access to quality education at all levels.
  2. Encourage Academic Excellence: The KDSG Scholarship recognizes and rewards outstanding academic achievements, motivating students to strive for excellence and pursue their educational goals with determination.
  3. Support Meritorious Students: The program focuses on supporting students with exceptional potential, irrespective of their background, by removing financial barriers that might hinder their educational journey.

II. Eligibility Criteria

The KDSG Scholarship program has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to be considered for the scholarship. While these criteria may vary depending on the level of education, the basic requirements are as follows:

    • The first criterion to qualify for the scholarship award is that you must be an indigene of Kaduna State.
    • You must be a student of an approved institution.
    • You must have good grades.
    • Students in Higher Institutions like the university, Polytechnics, College of Education etc are all expected to have a minimum CGPA of 3.0
    • Eligible candidates will have to go through screening where credentials will be verified.
    • First School Living Certificate (FSLC).
    • Certificate of Origin.
    • Statement of Result containing your CGPA (That is for University/Polytechnic/ College/ School of Nursing Students etc).

    Eligible Local Government Areas

    • Birnin Gwari
    • Chikun
    • Giwa
    • Igabi
    • Ikara
    • Jaba, Nigeria
    • Jema’a
    • Kabala West
    • Kachia
    • Kaduna North
    • Kaduna South
    • Kaduna State
    • Kagarko
    • Kajuru
    • Kaura, Nigeria
    • Kauru
    • Kubau
    • Kudan, Nigeria
    • Lere, Kaduna State
    • Makarfi
    • Sabon Gari, Kaduna
    • Sanga, Nigeria
    • Soba, Nigeria
    • Zangon Kataf
    • Zaria

    III. Benefits of the KDSG Scholarship

    The KDSG Scholarship program provides a range of benefits to successful applicants, empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations and unlock a world of opportunities. The benefits include:

    1. Tuition Fees Coverage: The scholarship covers the full or partial cost of tuition fees, relieving students and their families from the financial burden associated with education.
    2. Accommodation and Living Allowance: In addition to tuition fees, selected students may receive financial assistance to cover accommodation costs and a monthly living allowance, enabling them to focus on their studies without worrying about basic necessities.
    3. Skill Development Opportunities: The KDSG Scholarship program also offers skill development and capacity-building initiatives, equipping students with essential skills that enhance their employability and future prospects.
    4. Mentorship and Networking: Beneficiaries of the scholarship gain access to mentorship programs and networking opportunities, connecting them with professionals and experts in their respective fields. This support system encourages personal growth and fosters a sense of community among scholars.

    IV. The Impact of KDSG Scholarship

    The KDSG Scholarship program has had a profound impact on Kaduna State, its students, and the society as a whole:

    1. Increased Access to Education: By providing financial aid, the scholarship program has significantly increased access to education for deserving students who might have otherwise been unable to pursue higher studies due to financial constraints.
    2. Academic Excellence and Skill Development: The program has motivated students to strive for academic excellence, resulting in improved educational outcomes. Additionally, the skill development initiatives have equipped scholars with practical skills that are in demand in the job market.
    3. Empowered Youth: The KDSG Scholarship has empowered the youth of Kaduna State, enabling them to acquire education and skills

    How to Apply for Kaduna State Scholarship Scheme

    After reading the above requirements and you deem yourself fit and qualified for the scholarship award, you can head to the Kaduna State Government official Scholarship website ↱ to get the application form. For more information, kindly visit ↱

    How much is Kaduna State Scholarship?

    Citizens of Kaduna State can access up-to 5 Million Naira per sponsor

    Is The Kaduna State Scholarship Form Free?

    Yes! The scholarship form is totally free for all candidates. Kindly disregard any publication asking you to pay money to get the scholarship programme form. The Kaduna State Government will never ask for money in exchange for the form


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