Mastering Content Writing: Essential Tools for Students and Bloggers

In this digital age, content is king. This is probably why content writing has become a major field. People have seriously started to consider it as a field that can pay their bills. 


However, it is a field that can be hard to master for beginners. If you’re the struggling one, then spoiler alert! It can take you some time to get good at it. But to make the process of learning as easy as possible for yourself, there are some tools that you can use to get help. 

In this article, we are going to list those tools and also mention how you can use them for learning. The tools we chose for this list can also be used by students. They are not only limited to assisting writers and bloggers. Let us now get started. 


Helpful tools for bloggers and students 

  1. ↱ is an online AI search engine that can help bloggers and students find credible sources. It can summarize the findings of multiple research papers and provide you with the information that you were looking for.

We’re adding it to this list because bloggers usually have to conduct research before creating a blog post. This helps them convey the most recent information to their readers. Likewise, students have to usually conduct research before writing essays since they have to provide evidence and sources to support their arguments. Consensus. app can streamline the research process and they can get answers to multiple questions under the same roof.

You can not only use it for research but can also find answers to questions that arise in day-to-day life. Before tools like this, bloggers and students had to go on Google and search for information and evidence that they needed by opening multiple links and going through research papers. Thankfully, you won’t have to do all that now since the tool does it for you. 

Conducting research and finding the right answers is the first step to mastering content writing. That said, let us now provide you with a screenshot that shows the working of the tool.

Working of the tool:

We asked the tool “What are some common causes of daily mortality?” and this is what it came up with after going through multiple research papers.
  1. ↱ is an online tool that can rephrase the content given by the user to increase its clarity and readability. Besides this, it can also make the content more engaging by replacing complex words with simpler ones.

This is what makes it handy for bloggers and students alike. Bloggers have to ensure high readability and clarity in the blog posts they create. Students also have to make sure their assignments and essays have these qualities as it affects their grades. So, they can write their content and then run it through to ensure these qualities.

Of course, you can always paraphrase text yourself, but it can take some time and you might have to put all your focus on it. makes this process quicker and easier. Apart from this, the tool can provide you with different variations of the same sentence. You can observe them and learn how to convey ideas differently, which can help you master content writing.

Now that you know what the tool is and how it can help you, let us talk and provide a demonstration of its working. 

Working of the tool:

To show you the tool in action, we’re giving it a piece of text with low readability and clarity so it can paraphrase it to improve these qualities.
  1. ↱ is another online tool that can review the given content for grammar mistakes. If it finds any, it suggests the user fixes them by highlighting the mistakes. Not only that, but it also suggests what the right grammar would be, so the user doesn’t have to figure it out themselves. 

It can prove to be helpful for writers and students as they have to create content that is free from any mistakes. Students have to ensure their essays and assignments don’t have grammar errors as it can signal to the teacher that the student didn’t put in enough effort. Likewise, bloggers have to ensure the same thing as their content is going to get published online and its quality should be top-notch.

They can use this tool to make sure their write-ups are free from any grammar errors. Besides this, the tool can provide explanations for the errors it finds. This can be a valuable learning experience and can help you understand the rules of grammar better. This can ultimately improve your writing skills and you’ll be one step closer to mastering content writing.

Now, let’s move on to the working of this tool. We’re attaching a screenshot below for demonstration purposes.

Working of the tool:

We deliberately gave a piece of text with grammar errors and it successfully caught every mistake. The suggestions to eliminate the mistakes can be seen if you click on the highlighted mistake.
  1. Plagiarism Checker by ↱

The Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo can quickly review the given content for any instances of plagiarism. It scans the given content and matches it with existing sources. If it’s similar to one, the tool highlights the text and also provides a percentage of the plagiarized and unique content. 

But that’s not the best thing about this tool. It is a fact that the Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo also offers to make the plagiarized content unique besides just checking it. 

We’re adding it to this list because it can come in handy for both students and bloggers. Since students and bloggers have to write lengthy content, sometimes accidental plagiarism can occur in it. They can use this tool to check the content and remove plagiarism from it.

Creating content that is free from plagiarism and is 100% unique is another step to mastering content writing. This tool can help you take that step. That said, here’s a screenshot showing the workings of the Plagiarism Checker.

Working of the tool:

We gave the tool a piece of plagiarized text to check if it could give us the original source. Surprisingly, it did, while also highlighting the text and providing us with a percentage of the plagiarized content.

  1. ↱ is an online tool that can shorten any text that is given to it by the user. Students and bloggers both have to write short introductions and conclusions for their essays and blog posts alike. This is where the tool can come in handy for them as sometimes, even professionals can struggle to come up with a short introductory and conclusory paragraph.

In instances like these, you can write a long piece of text and use to shorten it. Besides just shortening it, you can try to observe how it only uses the most important information in the output and discards everything else. With a bit of observation and practice, you can learn how to create short pieces of text that also include the information you need to convey.

Now, to provide you with a demonstration of how the tool works, we’re going to attach a screenshot below. 

Working of the tool:

We gave the tool a long piece of text so it could shorten it to our desired length. Here’s the output it gave us. Remember that you can actually set the length of the output you want it to generate by using the slider given above the input box.

These are some of the tools that we consider essential for students and bloggers. Using these tools extensively and learning from them along the way can help you master content writing.

Final Words

Mastering content writing can be a great thing to do and it can also become your source of income that way. However, it can be hard as you might need expert guidance and continuous practice. To help yourself out, you can leverage online tools. In this article, we have listed some of the essential tools for both students and bloggers.