6 Hot Ways A Dullard Can Pass Jamb in 2022

From experience Passing Jamb is not all about reading or being intelligent, it is all about smartness. A Dullard can pass jamb without expo or been intelligent.


Do you know the reason jambites fail jamb? It is very simple it is because of FEAR, A lot of aspirants quiver on hearing the word “JAMB

You don’t have to be extremely intelligent before you can do well in the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination. 


Yipee! Now you will be wondering how do I pass Jamb even as a dullard? Is pretty simple just follow the right guide below;

6 ways to pass jamb as a Dullard

1. Plan ahead

Before anything else, Preparation is the key to success.

Graham Bell

An intelligent student catch up very fast but since you are not so intelligent, starting early preparation will put you in the right path, as a Dullard you can allocate number of hours to read for jamb check this article out: how many hours should i study for jamb?

2. Make Good Use of Past Questions

Do you doubt the power of past Questions? Well I guess not

JAMB past questions has been a very good study material for jambites who wants to pass the exams. Jamb repeat past Questions every year! and studying past questions increases your chances of scoring very high in the JAMB CBT.

Here at Speedyminds, we provide you with the most updated JAMB Past Questions for all courses and faculties. 

3. Attend jamb Tutorial center around you

Learning is more fun with people of like-minded, attending jamb tutorial will not only brush you up but also help you learn from other jambites.

While you are there learning don’t forget to ask a lot of questions I love asking questions too, you learn better asking and getting answers.

4. Practice How To Use the JAMB CBT 

A lot of jambites make the mistake of not knowing how to use the computer effective not to mention writing a Computer-Based Test with it.

Nevertheless i have prepared an explicit article about using jamb cbt you can check it out: How To Write Jamb Without Computer knowledge. Or even better practice jamb cbt Quiz right here on speedyminds.

5. The Creator Guide

God is the source of true success and therefore you must ensure you talk to him by praying before and after study for retentive memory and divine understanding. 

Prayer is very necessary to help you pass JAMB as a Dullard, You can check out this powerful breakthrough prayer points for 2021/2022.

6. Daily Visit to

Been a Dullard won’t stop you from scoring high in jamb and that is only possible with speedyminds, this website is a tool to your education and career path. Check out speedyminds classroom and keep visiting daily!

Feel free to let me know how you feel or ask questions using the comment box. I wish you the very best.


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