Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria ( 7 Hottest Jobs)

work from home jobs in Nigeria

Are you looking for Work From Home jobs in Nigeria?

Many businesses have prioritized recruiting professionals who can work with timetables and fulfill deadlines but are not required to be present in the office. This century has seen an explosion in the virtual work-space.

Teleconferences are used to close deals, firms use social media to recruit, and there is a rising need for workplace flexibility. Countries such as Nigeria have embraced this notion and made it a part of their organizational culture.

This post will discuss the top 10 work from home internet jobs in Nigeria. If you are currently unemployed or dissatisfied with your current situation, explore these internet business chances in Nigeria to help you live a better life from the comfort of your own home.

6 Reasons Why Work from Home Jobs in Nigeria are Important.

1. Flexible Hours

Working from home frees you from the constraints of standard 9 to 5 jobs. You select the time that works best for you. You work on hours when you believe you can get the most done. Work has no rigid regulations as long as you are productive.

Please keep in mind that laziness and procrastinating may be detrimental to working from home since you may become enamored with your independence and end up eating out of a day’s work, resulting in reduced output.
Working from home requires determination and attention.

2. Non-Existent Office Politics

There is no enterprise or organization where politics do not exist among colleagues. There would be a rivalry between co-workers as each tries to be better or smarter than the other in all they do within the office.

This competition won’t at all create an atmosphere of a healthy working environment.

However, it’s the opposite when you work from home; you will only compete with yourself by setting targets. You don’t have to deal with dramas at work.

You can work creatively and freely being your very best without the hassles of mental pressure. You also don’t have to fight and worm your way to the best position in the office as you are your boss!!!

3. Independence

There are several advantages to being self-sufficient, working from home, and so not reporting to anyone.

To summarize, when working from home, you have complete control over the decision-making process. You choose your optimum working hours, your work style, and your approaches, and you have complete and entire control over your job. You establish your own deadlines and work when it is convenient for you.

Working from home will minimize your stress level and allow you to easily achieve academic, practical, and personal goals and objectives.

4. Less Financial Expenses

If you work from home every day, you will be able to save more by reducing your financial burden. Less gas bills, less transportation, less outdoor lunches, less wardrobe costs (Working from home doesn’t require you to “get dressed”, so any clothes will do).

Setting up a home office costs even less because you can turn a favorite spot in your home into a workspace. Creating a portfolio or website may cost a little more, but it’s worth it because it helps you attract customers. 

5. Enormous Opportunities

With the advent of the internet, opportunities are vast and just at your fingertips. Once you have decided on the work that suits your qualifications and most of all your interest, you can then make money from a variety of ways or options.

You could opt for blogging, freelancing, writing, designing, and troubleshooting as a career, Writing articles for different bodies to earn money.

The key is to love and have a substantial interest in your work.

TIP: On the world wide web, every minute is crucial to your work online. Proactivity keeps you readily informed about opportunities available on the internet.

Make a list of ideas and projects which you can decide to embark on at a later time.

6. Stress-Free

Although working from home has its challenges and pressures, it is considerably less than what you get working in an office.

You can balance your work and your home, escape horrible morning commutes, quieter atmosphere and fewer distractions, and consequently more productivity.

You don’t have to deal with irritating or nosy colleagues, and nor do you have the added stress of answering anyone. Thus, your stress level automatically reduces as you give 100% to your work.

Top 10 Work from Home Jobs in Nigeria By Grabjobs ↱

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Top companies hiring: Ekovolt, Reposebay, Bengine Universal 

Salary range: NGN 80,000 – 120,000 per month

Job description: As so many companies require solid strategy work and effective team leads in order to increase their profits, Digital Marketing Manager roles are in very high demand throughout Nigeria –– both in-person and remotely.

2. Talent Acquisition Specialist / Recruiter

Top companies hiring: Ascentech Services, Jobberman Nigeria, Venture Garden

Salary range: NGN 130,000 – 195,000 per month

Job description: Also known as Human Resources (HR) Recruiters, these specialist roles are instrumental in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring the best talent possible to fill any role in any organization. They are the reason companies are staffed, and, since COVID-19, they are mostly conducted remotely.

3. Translator

Top companies hiring: Solpia Nigeria Ltd., Covoco, DY+ Language Solutions

Salary range: NGN 65,000 – 170,000 per month

Job description: Whether the job requires translating legal documents, newspaper copy, or novels from one language to another, well-equipped translators with solid writing and communication skills can easily find remote work throughout Nigeria. 

4. Graphic Designer

Top companies hiring: ProGiant Media, Sloovi, Triplealms

Salary range: NGN 75,000 – 160,000 per month

Job description: Using the latest design tools and software, Graphic Designers are tasked with creating effective billboards, signage, and other consumer-facing advertising materials in the hopes of encouraging the sale of products or services.

5. Freelance Copywriter

Top companies hiring: Prospa, Tova Africa, Moore Advice, Ltd. 

Salary range: NGN 100,000 – 160,000 per month

Job description: Whether writing radio or television scripts, crafting white pages, or coming up with the next great product jingle or tagline, copywriters are essential to any business with something to sell to the public. 

6. Data Entry Specialist

Top companies hiring: Polygon Technology, TransPerfect, Upwork

Salary range: NGN 180,000 – 310,000 per month

Job description: Data entry is one of the most easily accessible fields to get into, as only a basic knowledge of computer processing tools (completely trainable) is typically required. Remote Data Entry Specialist roles are readily available in Nigeria. 

7. Social Media Manager

Top companies hiring: Allnews Nigeria, Worqulture, HeartNet

Salary range: NGN 75,000 – 150,000 per month

Job description: Social Media Managers don’t just post content onto a company’s Facebook or Instagram pages –– there is much more to it: namely the ability to understand market trends, customer spending habits, and other essential insight metrics. All while managing a team of coordinators and liaising with interdepartmental sales and creative groups. 

8. Proofreader

Top companies hiring: Content Jess, Value Edge Management, Bliss Publications

Salary range: NGN 75,000 – 150,000 per month

Job description: Proofreaders are essential to a business that relies on sharing any printed or digital work with its audience. Not unlike an editor, proofreaders are only responsible for catching grammatical errors, poor punctuation, or incorrect syntax use in articles and documents. 

9. Real Estate Agent

Top companies hiring: Ramos of Lagos, My Home Realty, Ltd., Adron Homes

Salary range: NGN 150,000 – 580,000 per month + commission

Job description: An effective Real Estate Agent helps to facilitate the process of buying or selling a home by establishing solid asking prices, advertising the space, listing the property, and hosting open houses for prospective buyers. 

10. Video Editor

Top companies hiring: Pulse Nigeria, DisruptDNA, Livespot360

Salary range: NGN 100,000 – 440,000 per month

Job description: Video production is a growing job title –– especially in Nigeria, which has one of the largest film industries in the world. From the big screen right down to the smallest commercial release, video producers need their work edited and spliced together to create sellable content. 

Conclusion on Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria

Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria may not always require you to be computer proficient. Companies may provide training and analyze your performance in order to match the abilities and experiences required by the positions. However, great time management skills remain a key demand for such occupations. You may also face issues with the availability of resources, and you will need to conduct extensive research to prevent false or misleading chances. Overall, there are amazing work-from-home opportunities with excellent income, and it all comes down to your fundamental abilities. What additional work-from-home opportunities do you know about? Please leave your comments in the space below.

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