10 Tips to Memorise Everything A Night Before Your Exam

Have you ever been in a situation where it’s the night before an exam day and you haven’t even cracked open a textbook or study the notes?


I have been there, Recent research shows, however, that the lack of sleep caused by cramming or over thinking may cause you to perform very poor.

Studying a night before your exam gives you an advantage over your short term memory,


This article has been crafted by Law P to his beloved students to approach and tackle most of the popular asked questions such as;

Is it Better to study the night before exam and stay up late OR wake up early and read or study?, What if i haven’t studied for my exam?,

Keep reading to find some good tips to stay calm and save your grade!

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How can I remember everything in one night?

Here are some great awesome tricks! that worked for me; I know they will help you too! .

1. Make sure you prepare before starting; Have a clear study plan, don’t just ad-lib (i.e without advance preparation)

2• Don’t eat full meal, stay on snacks and avoid sugar to prevent a crash. Don’t caffeine too late. (Remember you will need sleep after the exams)

3• study actively!!; Yes! you heard me right. Don’t just skim though your book unless you are certain that the knowledge is soaked in your brain.

Don’t waste your time on speedyminds!!! GO… Enjoy your sleep instead….! That would be better and more fruitful utilization of your time… Because, anyway you won’t be able to score much by studying a night before the exam… isn’t it???




Hey!!! Don’t feel offended dear… I just wanted to gain your attention… Okay?, if you are still reading this, let me suggest you some of the tricks that you can use!

“for those students for whom everything seems like “Twinkle twinkle little star…HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE?!”

Exam tommorow haven’t studied

4. Start with chapters / topics which you have read before

5. For chapters that you have never touched, just try to focus on a few important topics.

6. Focus more on the type of questions that carry more weightage in the exam.

7. For topics that seem to be less important, make sure that at least you know basic concepts.

8. If the subject includes diagrams e.g Biology or Formulars e.g mathematics, try to draw them/ solve a few sums.

9. Do not waste much time on chapters which are very much technical and complex.

10. Call your friend who is helpful enough and get a basic idea about syllabus/ paper pattern.

This point is a mere suggestion anyway; I always use it, After all everyone has that “brain box friend” around him or her

By now, I expect you to be imperfectly perfectly ready! Since you didn’t study for your exam.

those are pretty solid techniques to do even better in your exam, The above should work for an average student, if it doesn’t work, NO need to freak out; just do the following,

  1. Sleep on time.
  2. Eat the right food.
  3. Do not panic.
  4. Do not over think.
  5. Be confident.

Is It Good To study A Night before Exams ?

I am quite sure that if you ask 10(ten) different people these Same question, you are likely to get different answers. In my point of view, I will share my point of view on the question,

It’s not news that night study is important in learning fast a 90-minute study can significantly help boost your brain power.

But if you want to cement new knowledge in your brain, recent research demonstrates that a good night study  has a significant impact on your ability to retain.

Giving your mind the brain power it needs is important if you want to do well in your exams. If you’ve left studying due to several problems, the day before the exam is your golden opportunity, if not your exam day; is likely to be compare to judgement day. So I will say; Yes!!

Is it bad to stay up all night before an exam or test ?

The best thing to do the night before the exam is to get a good night sleep, so you have the sharpest memory when it counts most. … DON’T pull an all-nighter before an exam.

Probably a day before the exam, yes you may do that. Not getting enough rest a night before the exam would be harmful for your body and brain. Remember that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

For those students who will not skimmed through the book in a whole term or semester, I recommend to study until you get tired and you feel you are at the point of dozing off or starting to not remember what you are studying.

Once you have reach that point you need to take a nap for 30 to 45 minutes.

But make sure you wake up and start studying again though because if you get lazy and fall back asleep… UH OH!,(This is a point i will begin to hear; my village people hate me!.. Lol). wake up early and study.!!

what to do the morning of an afternoon exam

I have exams in the afternoon, and am wondering what I should be doing in the morning, as all my exams are scheduled in the hot afternoon;

Well, this is my suggestion; First things first, you want to put yourself in the right mind frame for this subject and for the exam. So, just before you go in, Do some light studying, and reviewing on your theory.

Focus on difficult formulas especially for my jambite students who are planning to score high in Jamb;

 Do a set of multiple choice questions to warm up and reinforce some concepts. Relax and be in the best condition to do your exam.!

Liked what you read? Then you’ll do me a favor and share it with those friends who don’t like reading!… You have to help somebody in anyway you can!

What do you think ?, Share your own ideas in the above topic,I want to learn from you too!


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