10 Tips to Memorise Everything A Night Before Your Exam

Memories a night before exam

Have you ever been in a situation where it’s the night before an exam day and you haven’t even cracked open a textbook or study the notes? I have been there, Recent research shows, however, that the lack of sleep caused by cramming or over thinking may cause you to perform very poor. Studying a … Read more

14 Hot Courses You Should Study In Any Nigeria University

Courses to study in Nigeria university

Are you thinking of the best top courses to choose as a career and study in any Nigeria university?Search no more my friend, as I have hand pick the very best courses just  for you. Whether you are coming from ART, SCIENCE or Commercial class I have got you covered! One key factor to put … Read more

6 Bad Habits that every Student should Avoid

Essential guide to choose a career path

The bad habits that you may pick up today as student may go a long way affecting both your life and career. So as a sensible student which I know you are, you need to take time and appraise yourself very well. According to scientific research, “It takes 66 days to form a habit”, so … Read more

8 practical ways to become a SUCCESSFUL STUDENT

Tips to become Successful student

Student who wish to be successful know how to focus on studies when it matters and also taking breaks when need be. One of the prominent question student ask, is this; What makes a student successful in all the areas of their lives? This question could be answered in many ways! I have shared some … Read more

Courses you can study with D7 in Literature-in-English

Course to study with D7 in Literature in English

Courses you can study with D7, E8, or F9 in Literature-in-English. Recently a student ask me, what can I study with d7 in literature? RECOMMENDED: JOIN MY BLOGGING CLASS (Start a Blog) Well, having a d7 in literature can be a pain in the neck. Especially for student who wish to take the road of … Read more

10 main reasons why student fail Jamb and solution to it

Reasons student fail Jamb

Are you planning to write jamb 2020?, If your answer is yes, then this article is a “must read” for you!, Student fail jamb not because they are dull. They are several reasons why some Nigeria student perform poorly in jamb, it is no news that candidate who wrote jamb 2019 fail massively. If you … Read more