Why Your O’level result may be Blank on JAMB CAPS

Why is my O’level result pending or Blank on jamb caps? Many candidates have been complaining over the fact that the O’level result uploaded on JAMB caps shows blank.


By now I believe you already know that without uploading your O’level results on JAMB CAPS, you will not be considered for admission no matter your JAMB score or Post-UTME score.

 You won’t be offered admission this year even if you score high in both your JAMB and Post UTME, that is because your O’level results is not uploaded on the JAMB portal.


That is you must ensure that your o’level result is properly uploaded.

Why Your O’level result details may be Pending or Blank on JAMB CAPS may be cause by so many reasons; I am going to explain each of them so you know if you fall into any of the categories and immediately proceed to correct that.

Reasons Your O’level Result May not appear on JAMB Portal even after Uploading

  1. May be your results were not uploaded: this problem can come from the CBT center where you did your JAMB registration or where you uploaded your O’level results. Due to network issues the upload may not have been successful or the operator or whoever was helping you out to upload it omitted your O’level result details, In this case, you will be thinking that your results have been uploaded when actually it is not so.
  2. You uploaded but did not include the grades as requested: This can equally be from the CBT center where you registered. They may not have actually indicated the grade you obtained in each of the subjects and if that was the case, the JAMB portal will recognize your O’level details as incomplete or pending. This means that you are on the same level as people using Awaiting Result. and you cannot be considered for admission with awaiting results.
  3. You may have uploaded but failed any of the core subjects: You may have truly uploaded your O’level result but if you fail any of the core subjects that are required for your course, your upload will still not count. It will still be termed incomplete or “pending”. For instance, if you are going for an engineering course and have a D7 in mathematics or didn’t take mathematics at all as a subject, and uploaded your details on JAMB Portal, your O’level result will not count because it is incomplete. You must have obtained at least a C6 in mathematics before you can apply for any engineering course.
  4. You omitted one of the course subjects: Just like failing any of the core subjects, if you fail to upload the grade of any of the core O’level subjects required for the course you applied for, your O’level result details will still be incomplete. Candidates are therefore advised to ensure they upload and indicate the O’level result grades of all the subjects required for the course they may have applied for.

Now that you have known the reasons your O’level result may not be showing on the JAMB portal or maybe showing pending, I will advise you to take steps to ensure that your result is properly uploaded else no admission for you!

What does transfer approval mean on jamb caps?

The JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval Page is one of What does transfer approval mean on jamb caps?the new features of the JAMB CAPS. On the Transfer approval page, candidates are notified of the intention of their school of choice to transfer them from the course they initially applied to study to another course.

I hope this articles answers your question why your O’level result shows blank or pending on jamb caps? If you have any questions drop your comments below and don’t forget to share!









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