JAMB CAPS Admission Transfer Approval Portal 2020/2021 — 28 Comments

  1. Sir I mistakenly tapped the refresh button on my caps after accepting transfer approval
    It went back to the old course and I have not been admitted
    what should I do?

  2. I was transferred and I accepted the transfer and the course I was transferred to has been showing on my caps. Do I still have to apply for change of course through jamb portal

  3. I was transferred to another course nd after accepting it I went to do change of course nd am still seeing not admitted

  4. I was transferred to another course nd after accepting it I went to do change of course nd am still seeing not admitted

  5. I accepted the transfer offer, it shows the new course but not admitted and also on the school portal it shows not admitted. I haven’t done a change of course because of no network in cbt centres. Have I lost my admission?

  6. I was giving transfer approval on jamb caps my new course reflected on the admission status link but still shows not admitted

  7. Sir I mistakenly tapped refresh on my choices after accepting transfer approval it went back to the old course what can I do to undo it

  8. Sir, i have been transfer to a new course ane i’ve accepted the admission but school portal is still showing “not admitted” on the old course for a week now and i’m worried.

  9. Please sir school gave me two weeks to transfer to biology and I prefer biochemistry pls can they offer me the biochemistry or it’s a must that I should change to biology thanks

    • You have to accept biology, later you can write a rejection of admission letter to the school if it is deemed valid you can study your preferred course.

  10. I’ve have accepted my transfer approval for over a month now, with no admission, shud I be worried sir, I’ve even done change of course

    • Don’t be worry Itohan, this will take effect soon but if you feel it is taking too long then head over to jamb CBT office and make further enquiries.

    • How do you accept transfer?
      Do you need to go to a cafe when you have a pic cause I’m trying to accept it by. Using my phone but it keeps bringing pending candidate reply

  11. Sir, am a bit confused do I stil need to do a change of course after accepting transfer approval(is it compulsory).i have accepted the transfer for a long time and it is still showing not accepted.

    • It is not compulsory to change course but this is the only way JAMB will make your new course appear under admission status link, Changing course will help hastening the admission process.

  12. I accepted my new course on jamb approval link. And my Caps is showing admission in progress, check back later. it’s over 2 weeks now. Do I need to do change of course even as my admission is showing admission in progress?

  13. Sir this is exactly what’s happening to me right now, on my school portal it says they want to transfer me but when I check my transfer approval it shows no program transfer consideration, I even changed my course to the new course they want to transfer me to still no admission, please what do I do

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