Bitter Truth About Blogging (10 Things Bloggers Don’t Tell You)

After 3 years of blogging, This is the bitter truth about blogging you should know before the thought of “start a blog” comes to your mind.


Bitter truth about blogging is for bloggers that want to make money online and get quick popularity with their blog and those that think blogging is a bed of roses.

It will take you months and years to start getting real traffic and start making money.


Or even worse! It might never happen. (yes, really)

But that’s why I’m here.

To tell you the truth about starting a blog and making money!

After reading this post you might decide not to start a blog (and that’s okay!) or it might help you start a blog that will allow you to quit your job and blog full time.


1. Blogging Requires You spending Money

Owning a blog is one thing and spending money to maintain it and make it professional is another thing.  First you pay for customize domain name and web hosting which cost about $50 (N23, 000+), Secondly the competition is too high and the higher adverts (more money to spend) and awareness you create plus your energy, the better your blog.

2. Blogging is Time Consuming

My overnight success took 3 years, The bitter truth about blogging”

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Someone that can’t stay in one place for hours can’t succeed in blogging. If you are the type that travels often and like chilling out every now and then, my brother, my sister forget about blogging. If you are a bank worker or any other jobs that takes most of your time, better remain on the job unless you are blogging for fun and not for money and quick popularity.

Sometimes it takes me hours to compile and publish a post this is because my job and studies gives me enough time to do my blogging.

3. Blogging Can Be a Lonely Work

unlike a bank where you sit at the computer you’ll have boss and co-workers or staff surrounding, and perhaps even clients, bloggers are typically solopreneurs. They work completely alone yes you heard me right, we bloggers work without anyone assisting us.

Even the most independent, self-reliant blogger has to admit that there are times when it would be nice to have someone to talk to. When it would be great to be able to turn to someone –not just a family member or neighbor – but someone in the blogging world who can hear what you’re going through and immediately understand.

I adore my mentor, flash issac ↱ he has experienced enough with blogging to understand.

4. You Must Be a Geek In Your Niche

If you borrowed a niche just because others are doing well on it my dear friend your blogging journey has already failed.

As a education blogger, I can’t force myself on entertainment niche because it is not my thing by the way I love educating people especially the youth.

5. Blogging Can Come With Tech Headaches

While it’s possible to start blogging using free, easy-to-use platforms like Blogger or Tumblr, the reality is that you will not achieve success using those platforms.

To be taken seriously, a blogger must have his or her own domain name and website and brand identity.

In short, you need to use WordPress, and that comes with a few technical requirements. You have to secure hosting and install WordPress, configure it, and then manage it over time. You’ll need to install plugins and set up widgets and change your theme. And you’ll have other tools you’ll want to use for things like keyword research and SEO and social media.

You can absolutely learn each and every one of these tools and systems by simply joining my blog SEO tutorial.

6. You Must Have Good And Unique Contents

Every blogger will tell you “content is key” writing 1000+ words article will be great!

But here the is truth: The Creator of the content is the key! Not the Content itself.

Creating unique content requires a lot of brainstorming and research most often bloggers copy and paste. This type of bloggers are the lazy ones that doesn’t want to stress themselves much but want to publish as many as possible posts in a day.

The bitter truth is no one will take you very serious if he or she notice that all you do is to steal posts from other sites and repost on your blog without even editing. You might be getting traffic but no geniune follower will do business with non-serious blogger.

7. You Must Have a personal computer

Most bloggers will say you can start a blog with your smart phone today and make a lot of money, my dear they are lying to you.

If you take it as a business, you must spend on laptop. You cannot be going to cyber cafe every now and then to do some stuffs on your blog like connecting to your host through ftp, blogging or trying to back up your blog or even add little design.

8. Blogging is not for dullard!

Before you venture into blogging, you must be at least brilliant in some cases. A complete dullard can’t blog and you must know little basics about simple programming for you to spend less if not you will be paying programmers/web designer to be designing your blog for you. Calling them every now and then when you experience little error on your blog.

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9. Blogging Income Doesn’t Come Easy

Every blog starts with exactly 0 visitors and as you slowly add more content and build an audience, you slowly increase your average daily pageviews.

Blogging revenue or money isn’t going to come fast or easily either. For most bloggers Google AdSense is they only source of income while others also focus on affiliate marketing. If you are not patient, you can’t remain in the blogosphere.

10. Blogging Is Not Easy As You Think

Blogging is one of the hardest job to do if you want to standout among your peers in the blogosphere. The process of sitting down and finding new articles that you will write which will be of interest to your blog followers and readers is not a joke.

You must be willing to pay the big price of sacrificing some of the best and happy moments in life in other to satisfy your audience across the globe who are visiting your blog.

Here on speedyminds, I create relevant content 3 times a week thanks to the perfect blogging schedule that works for me.

Finally, writing from experience, I will say that blogging is not as easy as it looks blogging is more like banking. You will work as hard as a banker from Monday to Friday.

Choose a niche that you have passion for, Don’t blog mainly for money but for passion. That the secret of blogging.

Now over to you, what else do you think that is the bitter truth about blogging I forgot to mention? Leave your comment below and don’t forget to share!!








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