5 Plagiarism Checker Tools for Students 2022

Plagiarism Checker Tools Student

Plagiarism Checker Tools: Plagiarism is anathema to all sorts of writers, be it bloggers, book authors, copywriters or academics. However, from all these types of writers, students can be the ones who are most effected by the consequences of plagiarism and duplication. People like bloggers and copywriters can always recover from cases of accidental plagiarism … Read more

10 Reasons Jotting While Reading is Important To You

Reasons jotting while reading

Last week I wrote about how to study long hours without getting tired, Today we will talk about reasons While jotting down point While reading is important! someone will say “what’s the need of wasting time jotting down point?” Never you underestimate the power of JOTTING! Jotters are used to put down important points while … Read more

6 Reasons You Fall Asleep While Reading (Tips To Stop)

Reasons You Fall Asleep While Reading

A lot of students ask questions such as;How do I stop falling asleep while reading? Why do I fall asleep while reading? is it okay to fall asleep while reading?Why do I get sleepy while studying? Worry no more because I am about to share the possible reasons you feel sleepy while studying, I will also let … Read more

8 practical ways to become a SUCCESSFUL STUDENT

Tips to become Successful student

Student who wish to be successful know how to focus on studies when it matters and also taking breaks when need be. One of the prominent question student ask, is this; What makes a student successful in all the areas of their lives? This question could be answered in many ways! I have shared some … Read more

7 Types Of jamb candidates That May Not gain admission

Jamb syllabus

In Jamb race, two things are highly involved; It is either you gain admission or you lose admission . In as much as some jamb candidates will gain admission without much stress in 2021/2022 Jamb, others will not. In this article, I will tell you top 7 reasons why candidate may fail to gain admission … Read more