How To Choose A Perfect Niche and domain for your blog

Niche for blog

You love the idea of starting a blog. But…you’re not sure what niche to write about Or maybe even the domain name to choose for your blog. Well, you don’t have to worry More than you already are. No matter what your roadblock is, I’m here to help. In this lesson, I will discuss the … Read more

9 Killer Ways to Make Your Blog Popular

Make blog popular

I have been working on my blog for a while and every time I tweak something, I learn something new. Today, I am going to write in the sky and I just hope you see. Previously I have posted on Blogging Mistakes that every Blogger should avoid Today, I will share Proven methods which you … Read more

Indexing,crawling,Ranking,Rendering: How search Engine works

Indexing crawling ranking

After this tutorial, you should have basic knowledge of what crawling, Indexing, ranking and rendering means. You will also learn how crawling, rendering and indexing affect Google, Bing and other search Engines. Once again welcome to another lesson of learning Blogging and SEO with Law P You may want to follow the blogging Class for … Read more

Learn Blogging and SEO with law p: INTRODUCTION

Blogging seo

Hey dear! and welcome to another phase of Learning SEO and all about blogging, I am Lawrence Patrick (call me Law P) In these phase, you will all everything about blogging and SEO Now, you may be wondering, what is this blogging thing all about self? And where does SEO come in? Can’t I just … Read more

210 Blogging Terms You Need as a blogger to blog smarter

Blogging terms

As a blogger, there are key Blogging terms you need to know if you want to grow a profitable blog. When i started blogging it took me a while to fully understand and master all of the blogging terms out there in the wild. It is time you dive into my ultimate list of all … Read more

How to install a WordPress Plugin: Easy steps for Beginners

Best WordPress Plugin

What on Earth is a WordPress plugin? How do I install it? When I started blogging, I continually heard and read about WordPress plugin anytime I search for something related to WordPress. I was like, what is a plugin and how do I use it? Now I know what a WordPress Plugin really is and … Read more

Steps to Start a Blog in 2022 ( 8 Easy Steps)

Start a blog

Are you looking for a free, easy, step-by-step guide on how to start a blog without any technical knowledge?. WordPress is an excellent solution for that. My free guide on this page will show you how to create a blog that is beautiful and functional, all in an easy step-by-step tutorial…! So take a glass of … Read more

10 Best WordPress themes for Your Blog (FREE/PREMIUM)

Best themes

Are you looking for the best WordPress (free or prenium) theme to use for your WordPress site or blog ? Making selection can be a hard call. One of the first things you need to think about when you start your online blogging career is how your site is going to look. It’s crucial to … Read more