5 powerful websites that solve math problems for student

Today we will discuss some good math websites for mathematics students to solve complex mathematics problems.


The word “Mathematics ↱” (ancient Greek máthēma) has different meanings like “knowledge, study, and learning”. Mathematics is not just a subject it is a vast field. It has different branches, the two main branches are pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Applied mathematics is widely used in our daily life.

Applied mathematics is being used in every field like physics, biology, business, computer science, etc. Whereas pure mathematics is a branch that is totally based on theorems and poofs of different rules of applied mathematics, it deals with abstract concepts.


When we go to school from the very first day of our learning life, the teacher tells us about the numbers (Number theory) 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. He/she teaches us numbers with the help of daily life examples. As we go into the upper standards the problems become tricky some students enjoy them and some get afraid of these tricky problems.

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Mathematics is fun for some students but for some dull students, it is a very boring subject. They don’t take it seriously and ultimately they are not able to score well in this subject. If you need to get good grades in this subject you have to be focused and consistent, because consistency is the main key to solve mathematical problems.

The second main key to getting good mathematics grades is “practice”. More practice will result in more grades. Some students get afraid of the long calculation, they get bored and feel mentally uncomfortable. Hundreds of online mathematical websites are there that can help these kinds of students.

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Just because of these online mathematical websites, calculations become easier. There are some simple steps you have to follow, input your problem and click on the calculate button you will get the step-by-step solution of your problem within seconds.

Top 5 websites for Mathematics students to solve complex math problems


AllMath is a free online website that contains 350+ calculators for solving different problems of mathematics, physics, statistics, etc. The students who get afraid of long calculations can use this website to solve the problems.

AllMath website

This website provides different tools to solve the educational and daily life calculations and conversions.There is also a blog section where you can read the blogs and learn mathematical topics easily.

Almost every tool on this website contains tool content in which the procedure is completely described. By reading this tool content you’ll be able to solve the problems manually.

Some online tools offered by Allmath are given below:

  • Slope intercept form
  • Potential Energy Calculator
  • L’hopital’s Rule Calculator
  • Limit calculator
  • Proportion calculator
  • Multiplication table
  • Fibonacci Sequence Calculator

Students who are weak in mathematics and physics can use these calculators to get the exact answer of the problems and to get rid of lengthy and time taking calculations.

Students can also solve their assignments by using this website because AllMath is offering a step-by-step solution. This site is free of cost. Students and teachers can use this site anytime without spending a single penny.


MeraCalculator is a site that provides various mathematical tools to help students who face difficulty in finding the solution of a mathematical problem. This website provides almost 300+ mathematical tools. It also provides many other tools related to education. It also provides non-educational tools.

MeraCalculator website

MeraCalculator offers almost 13 different categories that help students to perform different educational and daily life conversions and calculations. Some important educational categories available on this website are Math, physics, chemistry, engineering, etc.

Here is the list of some top-ranked tools of MeraCalculator:

  • Derivative calculator
  • Integral calculator
  • LCM calculator
  • Half angle identity calculator
  • GCF calculator
  • Cross product calculator
  • Limit calculator

The relevant topic of each tool is given on this website (Tool content). Students can easily learn all the basics and formulas to solve problems. This website also offers articles based on mathematics in the blog section.
Just like AllMath this site is also free of cost. Students can use this site anytime, anywhere without thinking about the expense.

3. is a free website related to mathematics. It provides various categories of calculators like health, informative, finance, fitness, construction, real estate,etc.  website

It provides almost 300+ different tools related to different problems.With hundreds of free online tools, is helping thousands of students, teachers, businessmen, and nutritionists every month.

Some famous online calculators on this site are listed below:

  • Macro Calculator
  • BMI calculator
  • TDEE calculator
  • Standard form calculator
  • FIFO LIFO calculator
  • GPA calculator

This site also provides a blog section where you can read different mathematics and daily life topics. Don’t be afraid of spending money because this site is totally free.

4. ↱

AntiderivativeCalculator is an online source that gives a step-by-step calculation of integral problems. This site also contains some other mathematical tools related to calculus.

AntiderivativeCalculator website

List of calculus related tools:

  • Triple integral calculator
  • Derivative Calculator
  • Taylor series calculator
  • Double integral calculator
  • Laplace transform calculator
  • Implicit differentiation calculator
  • Maclaurin series calculator
  • Partial derivative calculator

Every tool on this website has tool content in which the working of the tool is described briefly. This source is very useful for solving problems and assignments containing calculus problems. This site provides the step-by-step solutionfor both definite and indefinite integrals.

FAQs section is also present at the bottom of every tool, where you can read the frequently asked questions to improve your clarity about the topic. also has a mobile application you can download from the Google play store or Apple app store.

5. is a free website that gives the step-by-step solution for the limit problems. This site also offers other mathematical tools that are related to daily life calculus. website

This online limit calculator is very easy to use and user-friendly. This website also contains an example section where you can get three different categories easy, medium, and hard. also offers some other tools related to calculus the list is given below:

  • Implicit Differentiation Calculator
  • Simpsons Rule Calculator
  • Second Derivative Calculator
  • Laplace Transform Calculator
  • Improper Integral Calculator
  • Directional Derivative Calculator
  • Double Integral Calculator
  • Triple Integral Calculator
  • Integral Calculator
  • Partial Derivative Calculator
  • Derivative Calculator
  • Taylor Series Calculator
  • Maclaurin Series Calculator
  • Inverse Laplace Transform Calculator
  • L’hopital’s Rule Calculator

Students can also copy the result of their required problem from the site. Students who are not familiar with Limit or find this topic difficult can read the content about the limit to grab all the basics of this topic.


In this post, we have discussed the list of the five best math websites that are very beneficial for the students to solve any kind of mathematical problems in no time. Many students can reduce the difficulty of larger calculations by using the tools of these free websites. They can also prepare for exams by having a look at the content and examples given on these worthy websites.

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