50 Hot Ways Students can make money 2022

Ways to make money as a students

Looking for ways Students can make money? If you are interested in seeing more ways to make money as a student then you are in perfect place right now. The truth is that the allowance you get as a student is usually not enough. For others, they don’t get monthly allowance at all. Hence, the need to … Read more

6 Bad Habits that every Student should Avoid

Essential guide to choose a career path

The bad habits that you may pick up today as student may go a long way affecting both your life and career. So as a sensible student which I know you are, you need to take time and appraise yourself very well. According to scientific research, “It takes 66 days to form a habit”, so … Read more

10 Different Types Of Students You Will Meet In An Exam Hall

Different Types Of Students You Will Meet In An Exam Hall

Few weeks back, I wrote about The different types of girls to toast and not to toast in school today, I will write about Different Types Of Students You Will Meet In An Exam Hall. When you are in the exam hall, you will meet different kinds of Students in the exam hall. The most … Read more

Hot Productive skills Students Should Learn and Do While Staying At Home

Learn new skills

Learn new skills:Instead of complaining and lamenting of boredom, why not invest this free time you have now into something that you will be proud of tomorrow i have decided to outline a list of Productive skills to learn as a student and of course live a boss free life, This skills will help improve … Read more

Courses you can study with D7 in Literature-in-English

Course to study with D7 in Literature in English

Courses you can study with D7, E8, or F9 in Literature-in-English. Recently a student ask me, what can I study with d7 in literature? RECOMMENDED: JOIN MY BLOGGING CLASS (Start a Blog) Well, having a d7 in literature can be a pain in the neck. Especially for student who wish to take the road of … Read more